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  • 00:00: bring your knitwear to life with color and today's knitting Bailey will learn ways to work color into your knitted projects with a focus on stranded knitting techniques I'm Winnie Jane your co-host I'm going to begin with holding and managing your yarns with color work so that all-important first step then it's the designer spotlight with author Mary Scott hot she's joining Shay she's gonna take us through her evany jewel wing hat and purse it's a colorful project getting around next Lisa Myers presents another multicolored Hat project the star beret and her tips for stranded knitting last up Laura Bryant and Barry kleiner back to talk with Kim
  • 00:31: about their techniques for color work success so we'll start with holding your yarns for color work anytime that you're working with yarns for anytime you're working with two colors of yarn at a time there's always a question of how do you manage them how do you deal with them and there are kind of three main ways to do it all in your left hand or all in your right hand or using both hands together so I'm going to just walk you quickly through some different ways that you can do this and as always you know it's really about what's most comfortable for you if if something is slightly different works for you that's great so
  • 01:01: I'm going to start with holding your yarns all in your right hand and obviously this may be more comfortable for you if you knit english-style or if you're a picker or excuse me if you're a thrower as it's sometimes called so there are two ways to do it you can either just knit with one yarn at a time and that means simply just knitting as usual dropping that yarn picking up the next color knitting dropping the yarn picking up the next color and so on and
  • 01:33: as you can see that can be just a little bit tedious since you're constantly stopping and starting if you do do this you want to always make sure that you pick up the same color from the same place either you just need to decide if your background or your main color excuse me if your main color your contrast color is going to come from above or from below the other color at all times the other way to do this is to hold both yarns at once in your right hand and to do this there are several different variations on it but the way
  • 02:03: that I'm going to do it is hold both yarns as I would for regular throwing so I'm just going to tension them around my pinky like I usually do and then I'm going to hold one over my index finger and one over my middle finger I'm just going to keep knitting as usual and it takes just a little bit of a different motion so I'm going to knit with my middle finger knit with my index finger knit with my middle finger and knit with my index finger and so on and so on and this is obviously much faster since you're not always stopping
  • 02:33: and starting although you might drop your yarns like I just did and you are always sure that your yarns are going to be coming from the same place the one's always going to be coming from above and one's always going to be coming from below you can also hold both your yarns in your left hand if you're more interested in if you're if you're traditionally a picker a picker or if you knit in the continental style so again here obviously you can knit with one yarn at a time picking a stitch dropping pick picking it up picking a
  • 03:05: stitch dropping picking the other color up dropping the yarn picking up the other one and again that's much much slower so here there are a couple ways to do both your arms at the same time in your left hand as well you can hold both yarns over your index finger or just hold both yarns together as you would and just sort of separate them out a little bit and they have little gadgets that can help you do this too they're called a yarn guide or you can just separate them out over your knuckle and here you would pick one and you want to always try and keep them
  • 03:39: separated pick the other pick one and pick the other and that can be a little bit faster if you get to be proficient at it another way to do it is to tension both of your yarns separately when I always tension my yarns on my pinky finger so tension both your yarn separately on your pinky finger so tensioning my main color and my contrast color so tension them separately and
  • 04:10: hold one on your index and one on your middle and this way you would just pick from different fingers you might want to flex your index finger every once in a while to get it out of the way anytime that you need to pick up that background color and finally there's the way that I use and that seems to be very common is to just hold simply hold one yarn in each hand and just work in each style so you're going to pick a stitch throw a
  • 04:45: stitch pick a stitch we'll just move needles here so you're going to throw a stitch and pick a stitch throw a stitch with your right hand pick a stitch with your left hand throw a stitch with your right hand pick a stitch with your left hand so there are a lot of different ways to do it but just experiment until you find a way that works for you and we'll be right back knitting daily make time for yarn every day visit our website for free access to
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