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  • 00:00: hello to all Germany with its kitchen and today I will bake bread and I will bake immediately there and black and white but dark bread ready hand I'm here add only vodichku but me Today instead of water the serum I did cottage cheese and I have it remained
  • 00:30: and so I need her use both always on hooks by tablespoons vegetable oil and I pour naturally 500 grams of flour left I and for use on 500 grams of flour to me need 150 grams of water I take the whole pack unnecessary and preheat
  • 01:00: I warm up in microwave everything and for the gray bread to me nothing more I need to pour this flour and now as my dog hope see the cheese for white bread white will simple classic bread oven oven
  • 01:30: as his stove and I whey strong-willed and further the stove will do everything for me and now for white bread like me said the recipe I took here in the book I just take instead
  • 02:00: water 175 milliliters but here I need water I I take my boat in whey dough is better bread rises and bread tastier and also I fill in a little next I need caps 5 ruble dvatsat on fresh and on
  • 02:32: floor is quieter and now add here salt sugar flour and semolina salt three quarters of tea I take the spoons spoon another counter the same amount of sugar pogrom
  • 03:02: monkey instead of monkey, you can take it completely also sprinkle I am already a bread maker included programs basic bread put the average crust and now I add 175 grams of flour and pour out flour all
  • 03:34: close the cool stove and when and will provide I 'll show you what so I baked bread here prepared gratings bread is small that he is here on lattices cooled down and now I get
  • 04:05: but there was flour there More so but flour and liquid and here was less and very neat because it 's hot waiting for when it cools and then in between I will show what Well, let's see
  • 04:35: what kind of bread it turned out minutes and now I will cut white very soft baked now this one is still warm girls filing years it smells so
  • 05:07: carefully and ready then with enjoy eating on health let every house smells of fresh bread and all for now to the fast meetings in my kitchen