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  • 00:00: good afternoon friends today's topic I see wrongs Statistics on its channel and topic resentment It is the most the most enthusiastic response big interest probably because dinner often found in our life and no human who would not worried about his life offense and the question that I often often asked whether it is necessary
  • 00:30: hit back or something to give fight back and in general with forgiveness of injuries as a something less clear but many say that I could I forgive the offense or I could forgive the offense after I give putting a very a human being is It is understandable and understandable and known also that Christian morality It calls not to give Completion does not fit abuser and try to forgive It hurts my heart
  • 01:01: We are situations when it is difficult to give delivery because person is not available for together or any impact so I rented it video to clarify this question The fact that our brain he very often distinguishes act Are we in reality or we act as if virtual world our fantasies or our ideas so you can say that if offense difficult to forgive
  • 01:32: and she did not take her it is impossible to forget or just as if out of my head that have to do certain things I believe that this case fit those virtual action eg draw picture this man and create such a book or an album about how you avenge him, and how you with him Spreads you tell him well to draw trance comics find themselves this man conversations that you
  • 02:02: and can pronounce create a doll that human or model or fake, and beat him on the head or make it out paper break point is that any action is directed its me physical the universe as break throw throw break it up better than when you're chasing it thing in my head because I repeat that our brains are almost
  • 02:32: distinguish whether it was real action or it was action virtual but my observation of In my experience, such actions directed outwards often it helps now I think and many look think well, what's the point I'll tear some paper or draw some pictures all still it does not help in Currently, if you think you He says hurt you says this one protest, and this is negative emotions which is just not It gives offense need to leave
  • 03:03: try and start do some things paint album writing a book to write a story or create some paper installation in order to see how it effectively and I tell you that this very effectively people able to insults or in a state when he negative emotions it very upset as the usually can not easy to set up yourself on action rather
  • 03:33: you will sticky it will sit upset cry sad talking about the that I know very many people who years talking about the same also talk about their offended their hurt some people are repeat and repeat and repeat, and when I I say let's have do something start paint start to sculpt start there dyes write something such People say yes yes clear yes yes and still the same thing that is needed keep in mind that
  • 04:03: man camp resentment upset he It arises viscosity viscosity viscosity behavior thinking that is it inert it can not need to switch make myself more better to let this video look someone in your relatives and It helps you start 10 because I repeat course that insults to forgive because it's bad for us own but often not just to forgive hurt because
  • 04:33: negative emotions too much and needs a Transportation to these of us went and emotions Now this method bring emotions some objects good way get rid of the feeling get rid of resentment may be negative who will say that I do not I want to increase negative number let emotions get sitting in me does not want to throw them into I do not think the universe that the universe is much suffer from that you have some part
  • 05:03: their emotions you You see in the paper then in the end will be when you will have a good buildings in the same universe send thanks for that she took your negative feelings and will send positive emotions draw such positive and positive picture or create something for single to balance those emotions you You will be discarded and I wish you to get rid from your grievances to your life has been smooth sweet without
  • 05:33: grievances without suffering without sticks and filled with love and positive with you it was I marina dashing yet