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Palatine fulling with irises. Flowers from wool on silk. Making wool flowers - tippet felting.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Kyan loops studio he gains weight we offer you the video of the master class on making Stole with themselves for its production It took me 15 grams of wool green purple and yellow shades Chiffon scarf dress with manual processing I begin its edge work with reupload Mystic Forest and on background that will be for flowers
  • 00:31: elongated leaves I form an iris I am using 4 shades green etc. spread top flower petals three Yellows not below the petals
  • 01:08: flower I form using several shades purple when I need Boxes hide you I notice I use scissors for highlights on leaves and rice I
  • 01:39: I took the white fibers silk and dark yellow 6 after flower ready I spread the leaves Using the front 4 also shades
  • 02:11: green on the same principle
  • 02:46: I spread others go son tippet and a little changing the shape and the size after the BBC
  • 06:53: flowers in Milashina laying down the basic chiffon surface puffs of wool tone fabric to create cloud I use a brush to tangle wool not brush scratcher to live but as my edge
  • 07:54: ready tippet processed manually I do not close 6 more any soap a solution of 1 tablespoon detergent spoon means for fume cotton wool overlay film reconciled is rolled with a rolling pin will distribute evenly across
  • 08:24: surface further twists it is my group the layout of a corpse kata for 30 minutes is not much or you can click take advantage of
  • 08:54: vibroshlifovalnaya machine it real Machines like this I did go ahead but to machine time privalivaniya chief poem increases including laptop after I unhook only single hairs I boldly lifted my pain Steve and easy
  • 09:25: shook his young for two or three days I will continue to give not warm Potter movements like knead the dough if It lacks some soap
  • 09:56: move his legs products and thus way for felling two to three minutes then easily pressing and straighten the entire
  • 10:26: because the surface at this stage hairs easily spat erase after a time I spent the tippet direct necessity Lather soap and
  • 10:58: grind all surface on air-bubble swells and during two or three Thus, I I repeat four cycles ie two or three minutes basins in the warm then straighten for two minutes and two or three minutes I wipe it on the table for me there is one
  • 11:28: cycle I repeat 4 times then I see that
  • 12:21: hauler already well its my balloon ready rinse sky warm iron Now it's time to relax on their work cities
  • 12:52: if you like workshop will Like and very happy comments subscribe to channel to obtain announcements of new products and master classes with you she was trouble and studio goals monsters cats thank you for attention