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Here so RADISH!!! The cunning way yielded the harvest.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends I have gardeners invited in their greenhouse where where I planted radish sowed fat before winter and dill simply I I want to show you that has gradually we It begins to ripen radishes if we we will see carefully between I have planted radishes I just salad Asked Questions You will plant then tomatoes yes I will be very normal plant tomatoes distance allows you to
  • 00:31: plant tomatoes so no problem all will be planted Now Well let you look all the same but There are three disk or not Look here she beginning, we would like see you go let's here equal to one another and daughter see radish eat or drive good let's look here she Now it's ours beauty and our first vitamins look
  • 01:01: what's good about this radishes if you pay Attention despite the high I have a temperature said that there by varieties of radish to greenhouses just for greenhouses you can see already radish poured it will be even bigger it is only started and you look at it practically no foliage not what you add salt and heat tops is such and radishes and blossom here it is not even He is trying to bring Well and now Let's see
  • 01:32: dill see it just now lying because if look back at I should turntable and we watered here Look, I'll show you you look but do not but is it true Well look what beauty Look a fennel which he green oh what fragrant but unusual here again believe Sprinkle magic look carefully we walk here very much damp, very damp it have for these crops
  • 02:03: it's very good such as a good said atmosphere for their badly enough Now let's moisture now look salad now I'll wander gilds What we have here is a salad you know but just unusual but if you take a salad to hlebushek and the meat here is a oh well, it's a sandwich Unit unusually now I you I show from here and look look
  • 02:34: a salad I simply gorgeous you want to say because there is no no no nitrates Why we have nothing planted, and look but look what force look how powerful good Green Well Well I just all of you agitate use the greenhouse is always on full power is not fear implanting
  • 03:05: some cultures experiment So you see here is most sit there here at I went arugula I like that coming We drove along the edge that is on the edge, you can put anything while our tomato its rise, we have you know as harvest all we take our green well Now I just wanted to Here is such a well-à-tête you report your countdown show on greenhouses in their own harvest that yet I say unto you,
  • 03:36: from my experience not making this up and nowhere as the Losers all you will not be charged I say here's how to the soul as well, in the heart Well on this I I say goodbye to finish you I ' nice to always be with you talk to you Julia was it me its channel in the garden Do in the garden I run to make salad till