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How to learn who uses my Wi-Fi  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you channel without wires and in this video we are with you consider the question of how find out who connected to our network ration of our access points if we use the point access router then for in order to see who to our router joined us you need to go to settings for this router for this we launch the browser through which we go to the Internet and in we will address our address default router
  • 00:30: if you go first time in customize your router then system ask you to log in you you will have to enter Login ip login and password all this information you you can get either on the back side your router on special nakleechki or if not by you just can model of your router introduce on the Internet and everything here information you can get if you are these data did not change if before you no one changed
  • 01:00: they will stand on the floor default factory can be seen and so we went to the bet page of our router d-link here we choose Advanced tab settings and in enhanced settings we select the tab 9 chains we play this folder we go here and here we have all these devices that are this moment connected to our router and we see them and ip address and mac addresses for us more important in this case there will be information
  • 01:30: namely mac-addresses because by mac-address we can accurately which device is our this device and you can in general that here and realize manipulation of this device that is you can delete it prohibitive Access not to your router and in general administrate administration network in principle on this all for all bye the channel itself without wires and remember
  • 02:00: that any problem you can decide the main thing know how