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  • 00:00: hello all gentlemen YouTube I want to c submit your attention my makeshift line for Bulgarians why I was born this buddies idea erected metalwork without the profile pipes and It needed to cut a couple of dozens of corpses we are of the same length but marked a cut
  • 00:30: but eventually it turned out that all pipe turned different lengths as though we We have not tried it all mark carefully and make and run-in length due to markup errors and cutting up about centimeter but I mean the most shortest and most longest difference in them It was almost a centimeter I was on the second day shovel to the Internet hoping to find something suitable
  • 01:00: Well, as it does not It may be difficult to find I was looking for but it's a different question and, in the final eventually moved brains and how to I invented just such a that's a waste of time another very girl is shtukentsiya very easy but the manufacture of the Yet she strongly eases cutting tubes and error obtained well minimum let's consider more detail which is the whole Biden but she is
  • 01:30: monkey but I mean, adaptation stand for a grinder Clip this, too there is a video and two here such shtukentsii It was initially only but when one It revealed that long pipes then had to sag to do one more thing this in general are facilities
  • 02:01: It is next, let's Now imagine that is not wood metal bar I cut the tube in the size of which we need we say We need to cut to 10-15 but even these 5 Now this piece let him not 50 centimeters and let to example there two and a half meters we do the following to expose the cut I have to drive plane touched Our pipes and
  • 02:32: stifle further here This here's the final segment so to speak, and I do not know how it called in general end portion it has here the emphasis end here because it I fix this manner If this pipe we
  • 03:05: long there say 4 meters can no longer in the center it will sag To do this, here is a Now the emphasis has to he not in the middle It appears that is too so here it temporary fixes the table is not flat so all's well here dancing Well do not continue to take the essence of the pipe from which we We will cut the required
  • 03:35: the length of the pipe pieces here may it bleed all in stop here and presses sawing and get exactly the same the length that's what I like I think the essence is clear Well now some nuances here this here He needed a segment here to compensate
  • 04:06: this is the distance It has to pipe lying parallel this is the pipe lay parallel to that which we will to nag that was not to bias angle here was 90 degrees i I think the essence of the main understandably also this adaptation can also be used without rack Bulgarians like this It looks like 1:00 here
  • 04:36: the second is our pipe you want to We set cut abut stifle the second end we expose the slice rovnenko too stifle turned in We here of this type no matter what thing the length of this one here
  • 05:06: pipe section further take pipe which should be to us cut rests always We remove the hold here well, or stepping foot and cut Bulgarian neatly here here, this angle we 90 degrees with respect to the pipes obtained neat flat pipe slice and I want the same length say that this
  • 05:37: adaptation much easier for me life that is, if previously he spent on taking into account the work marking exhibiting pressing aside gently to Varese Example four hours now I treat for 22 and a half Here's a handy thing but further let's look out what it is made both parts basically constructed the same for
  • 06:07: except that Of course the ultimate welded parts here this channel 2 to welded together It has welded nut and screwed into the bolt Bolt this here thing this is for convenience Common goal to These welded area Well, there is such a Now stop focusing so Basically it can be was not doing well, in order to comply with all
  • 06:37: corners I made 2 part arranged similarly everything is very simple very simple but it is not less highly functional personally for me at all a big plus when I think any work handyman who works with metal structures build all kinds of greenhouses hozblok garages shells it is generally very necessary thing in combined with a rack
  • 07:07: grinders for it in general is a huge plus faster and easier work and