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  • 00:00: you наталья пилипюк немного for thirty this ordinary Russian a woman just does not lucky father killed
  • 00:30: mother and grew natasha in orphanage but when she grew up gave birth to kristina but my daughter got sick dtsp she was recognized unfit for adaptation in society did not take the school Cristina is disabled lively and affectionate child and her mother very fond of than not lucky natalia really it is born and raised in Khanty-Mansi constituency first an orphan from children's home was thrown in hostel and then drove here in this spooky smell phenol sewage and rat shed with current ceilings and failed the floors here are Natasha 1
  • 01:00: Grow daughters here Christina and quite healthy given the floor above sunken falls the walls are curved all in the kitchen I frames no floors at us curves that are about to can fail all there is also room floor all screamer he all the windows sat down all the house sits down live terribly and for tiny data not speaking about
  • 01:30: disabled child just dangerous but natasha earn only 17 thousand rubles in month and disappear to her nowhere the power of the district is not so that it does not help does not even know about existence of this family governor natalie mosquito seems not to be disabled but all equally human emotions apparently not people are experiencing as livestock in the region in the top three the richest in the country in the region the main beneficiaries of oil in Russia although people are different from people here is a mansion to which
  • 02:00: she lives natalya mosquito inside nobody will not let go but does not look will you say that governor's office rotting alive for the sake of justice I must say that of course mosquito the problem is understood natural depth knocking the helmsman after you still need planted to solve a it's a push in it sorry to shine a point point this daily ripens new and new tons of feces for certain I did not know about for natalie mosquito ever such a needs at night and in the cold here is another natasha here
  • 02:30: this young girl lives all my life as hundreds of mountaineers right in the center oil and gas the capital of Russia Khanty-Mansiysk It is hard to believe but this is really the center she too just had no luck with she does not mosquito huge fecal tanks and wooden fetid holes in hundreds of meters from administration of the game here is the norm mosquito wrote on about the replacement of stove heating on electrical at least the moment to us constantly write
  • 03:01: rejection is strange of course in the center the city is next to such luxury homes new shopping centers it elementary draining and next to there there are sewers can not hold no water and sewerage a this is a dairy village helicopter near from the Surgut 700 cottages which live 2000 hertz two years ago mosquito has opened dmitry to the bear demolish and resettle all the beams but apparently lovers continue live in dugouts and sarayev I as called rat hole pipes dead plum where
  • 03:32: there is no left here goes under balls and it all needs it breathing is not then what is there disgusting this is practically deepened his health including those who worked for the oil industry 20 years old who hands developed Place of Birth which is fed today all of russia he finds will go 22 years old you need gray platinum life of one tattoo fight for more days coming out of the earth
  • 04:02: helicopter impregnated with faeces and a syringe is not stuffed drug addiction and illegal migration though if the holes flooded german directly at the walls of the administration mosquito does not care then helicopter in near sargut worries Empress still less because these people also pay for communal because that the government does not recognizes its own beams and housing people pay for one block by 7000 rubles per month for then six seven and eight light is a broach wives used to be these
  • 04:32: The beams were built from improvised materials us to as a time for domestic needs but Andrew lives in this tiny branch boxes for 15 years and have he has two children no one to resettle is not going to he does not mortgage which mortgage if income from him 20,000 rubles in month such as a person guard salary this is impossible helicopter is not only a dairy village in all in the district about 10,000 The beams of which live almost 28 thousand people
  • 05:02: and this in the region extracting more half of all oil in russia about the land even talk funny around cities thousands kilometers of taiga however, the administration the earth does not give Ugra worker the raile is in queue as 1141 on receipt of a scrap the ground with the beams ravels surrounds boundless expanse so you're like on queue about resettlement of beams and
  • 05:34: The game is also not yet heard even a year back sounded direct commission mosquito from Putin two square meters it's just those who registered for on the 1st of January 10 years old two heroes cession it happened so emergency painted but such hear balk They used to take them down promised back in 2007 our governor
  • 06:04: promised that from us resettled in apartments Well, we certainly trust her there every year promising then collect things you will have to bear you will be resettled just promised like settle on the right where there in the center of the house they built nothing We keep silent sit studied the wildest thing is that money from the game for to give people new accommodation is animal for example only in one sargut next to and who should helicopter for a new housing budget in literal sense
  • 06:34: dangles neither more nor less one and a half billion However, the second these are the money is returned from the sargut back to Yugra budget officials simply can not dispose of these sums can not buy social housing is not spent money for subsidies for mortgage in the meantime for the last three years emergency area housing in the game increased by 100 thousand square meters of investment in building almost halved komarova launches on one edematous program per year but all they fail efficiency
  • 07:04: last is estimated at only 16 she promised give each family a mortgage of 2 million rubles for month program dozens of thousand people who took in banks loans in the hope of the promised help but a year later officials understood that they simply do not exist so much money the program was covered and want justice for the sake of saying that to unfortunately went straight since at counted program May But I I think a few dozens of power moved for this year why natalia mosquito did not go opinions differ but not went to her and her
  • 07:35: government but improvement program living conditions of population only a third planned amount of the program modernization and reform of the completed on 12 percent program centralized power supply settlements in two and a half per cent low qualification the official in the government of the county the mass of the interim and a lot of specialists which do not correspond to their qualifications positions while the government Khanty-Mansiysk
  • 08:06: implements program for funny percent without using the huge facilities and from a dozen families continues to live on one of the central streets of Khanty-Mansiysk street gagarin in the house or flooding without water and without your central water supply central gas and already how did you become central street heating gagarin to the mansion kama swarm all kilometer but I am nicking everyone day use the stove buying not cheap firewood on Gagarin also goes
  • 08:37: wooden toilets such relatives for center of the capital the richest oil and gas we are games of a push Here they take out the slops this continues more than 30 years and again say pumped out feces from here last time 2010 accumulated there on according to local residents 4 meters down that is exactly their double decker and toilets every year tekke everything stinks all summer and by spring all together court tickets the whole house drowns constantly there the drain does not work To sense from it what that
  • 09:07: Whether we depart who to me say icicles as of course here today again the private ones alone wholesale from the floor from under the cane moreover in two-story house is not present even water communications here in these ditches straight at the walls of the house every day the water is drained from shells and in mana around imperceptibly in the spring summer autumn here Sikhs of them and stagnant substituting the inhabitants first floors stinking grease the present the Middle Ages water residents take from here
  • 09:40: this column on water quality such unsanitary conditions you should not say little nastya which in its 10 years drags these huge tanks with water are not complains it helps sick grandmother on wall to know what is blockade of Leningrad but with their she is very doggy resembles frames chronicles 42 years between the more Ugra bosses in nothing does not deny himself disposal of such effective the governor of natalya mosquito apartment size 100 86 square meters and a house with an area of 450 9 squares
  • 10:11: more than two thousand square meters housing belongs to 6 and deputy on the basis of of indicators it could enough for 137 and harz but people are northern people patient master continues to carry water andrey firewood she brings up khasha yeah well disabled child kristina medieval is not in their tour and all these residents golden oil and gas Yugra century nanotechnology and smart houses go to cold toilets on street but how to win and the Ugric anomaly
  • 10:41: when in the richest region in these Russian emirates people live like rats in dirty norms and this happens due to professional incompetence official how to overcome queen of wood pushes option two or the Kremlin and will punish or people on forks raise but not everything will be as before people are born to election of the governor in 2015 and Believing another fables nataliej mosquito again dutifully vote for it all as one