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Sharpening of knives for the meat grinder.  See details »




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  • 00:00: and so with all the greetings you become ashnem video clip will discuss how I hones some types of instrument this case will knives grinder caught I only have very interesting specimen well that is set knife close mesh by mincing of Soviet grinder development course
  • 00:32: terrible I put on knives that grid lady aside, I have it Only then clearing I remember to ask I shoot it on video and pay here it is I'm hanging on production already a little and shlifanul and still output I do not go now! show how some made during razkazhu pieces on both I will use Here such here the moment a magnet I will sharpen on
  • 01:04: Now this stanochke a mini tablet that very big develop and attack very hard to remove such layer i.e. then I can be need to be yes yes polish already to attack diamond but I think that probably no evil need in this way
  • 01:36: so is now around
  • 02:06: greasy Matthew has come
  • 03:10: begins to emerge SLR surface basically mirror Now I have appeared in SLR Now the surface More Go to the Circus 2000 sandpaper poverty
  • 03:41: already fallen twice polirnul the finishing and pass sharpening knife this principle
  • 04:19: surface over just enough perfectly and mirror do not need here is a letter We take this knife way first these planes
  • 04:53: suitable basically excellent with a knife can be say much easier than with the lattice if on the grid very most of the production a lot of leaves Supplies nazhdachki if misfortune purely do it all torment so dear users
  • 05:23: meat grinders do not bring the ears of the state its so to speak kitchen kitchen his technique so well, Now we shall spend the night here too here these kromochke cutting knives, I will show how I will to do so now! we will sharpen the cutting edge part there you are
  • 06:24: It should get here so by cutting edge clear smooth without without any obstructions here, it is desirable about how a the same angle which was Factory all in principle Basically even willing knife and lattices finished piece operation would show you how
  • 06:54: You can check sharpening quality that is, to no some sort of accommodate all that is, when different absolutely pure if the well-sharpened you have a leg sticks to the grill and What about the fact that I mirror Well, how would sticks that is, mind you there there's nothing wipe absolutely clean
  • 07:25: there she sticks in such a way that is You can check quality sharpening the has a plane stoppered Ideally each other so let's say that is flatness Ideally all possible paste and use even though give zach nickname
  • 07:57: beginners in principle I myself beginners sharpener so start any who try everything trial and error use for Hand Cleaner without Ternovka very cool do not need to scour the I have to constantly run wash their hands and that nonfat dry hands It is obtained by the fact that the ammonia It contains a very comfortable on it all
  • 08:28: Today, in principle, all this was my first video lesson sharpening will soon be interesting instances necessarily something is not could all yet