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  • 00:00: I welcome today I want to introduce you with another design It was the scene it will be quick- clamp of cartridge gun Silicone therefore have I got here Such is the price that is how we implemented here used tack range It is taken in particular Now give yourself up himself
  • 00:30: fastening tool more educated thousand in the upper part It has a top plate this is generally the pain and humiliation she cut off just 10 screening on the hole here selected groove to slightly and attach two self-tapping screws Vatutin fixed and here the curved end he simply spray
  • 01:01: in this hole here so everything else It left without changes in participation that pushes here the limit of a piece form it just hurts here in the center cut hole for to here this reechka there freely about the case this side just in cup final should be take
  • 01:32: and twisted screws with one side to us here price Drill warmed to opening To be able to change position rear stop back then he is a two smears and bonded fanerku thin Well, on the one hand here can be traced it is simply It can disappear in some position
  • 02:04: I'm here to fix I am using just a lamb he can actually any piece of metal or a piece of metal trolley on the tube type eye use just bolt inserted What twists of simply put, and As recently as this all It used to let something also need it let squeezing omit I press it holds
  • 02:39: itself efforts pretty big studying course can such big as these clamps industrial significant plans so I secured here tear off and I do not get nothing you can here some
  • 03:09: fast things let's say this is me necessary poshlifovat plaque put I gave everything I have it It has to do with it or example be glued some small run
  • 03:52: if you got to appreciate efforts which gives Now with the clamp Now using floor weights but after I nothing there It will allow somehow to assessment now I think scale will be fine I try to be seen prices for cooking
  • 04:25: chunk tuck here Now I do anywhere else
  • 05:03: not only the pipe clamped on the clamp scale seen dozens Logan ie there are certainly some precision is now insufficiently because little skewed scales and pressure is obtained one edge but it is not less about even evaluate possible ie 50 kilograms of force given this Clamp it gives
  • 05:34: that for many tasks general enough not bad for more clarity broke here glue here so it is
  • 06:36: Here is such a element ie the angle that so that's what It occurs it is made to be able fix here respectively ban that is, this part here I can see that is lower profile on the gun and
  • 07:06: he left screwed in depth listed here more the strength that is it as if that's what he there and then that corrosion bent out minutes and now this part compost additional Hitch although it is will be enough many could confine say so cut only nationalism
  • 07:37: attach what you simple enough instruction