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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners today we you will put zucchini zucchini seedlings, we their men to put on vegetable garden but in principle I never in the garden is not I use and do not do independent beds for courgettes I I grow seedlings zucchini and see such as cups I've got at the moment it can be and diapers this may be all that anything that is how reads differently
  • 00:30: we grow with you we are different we grow zucchini that's just the zucchini I sowed directly in the greenhouse as the saying goes I quickly you sow just as cups that we need look carefully here I just like this empty small uchastochek I I think that it will be empty let me here I will plant zucchini two or three times 4 5 6 6 I have here, I took six tires that I
  • 01:00: rather I do not making sure we husband You see cut up we cut in tires accordingly, we it now also excised tires over there all cut these tires kras and I will therefore that principle, they then for the trailing courgettes here and all be careful and general beautifully want to paint that we do when we Now we cut you That's how this tire tire I specifically
  • 01:30: not to fill the earth we are about We dig a hole Well, somewhere around and roughly two bayonet shovels pretty deep to get you you can put compost can put trash at the bottom of the pit I I put manure I put on a cart WHO does not put on to have rotted I had squash heat the roots warm and as if they grew up as states and pleased But if I harvest
  • 02:00: see see here He is here now I can It is allocated to manure poultry personal hair terrible happens what do we do next more we pour land but pour Again, not land so I can flush and here's a little so you see We retreat to when we watered and water do not I rolled down and the whole I have been here for planting seedlings of
  • 02:30: cups of I'm diapers I use just such a Now she planted a point each very comfortable I like this click Plot poured very convenient plant strawberries using this for Planters very very happy yet so comfortable thing well, what do you see how I I will do in each every here this tire I will plant 3 roots because I always squash plant the wolf seed or 3, or 3 and
  • 03:01: that's how I look attentively I take like this neat planter this doing here such We make a hole gently take our squash see good storm system and that's how it black again all in advance It should be fine shed no need to go here right now
  • 03:32: water is not necessary that do the roots of and persons and be yourself very very bad I feel our tavern you will get sick Here again we do here a hole in our Thing or a diaper or just a cup why cups but because there now we put in cup did not see same way to diapers and so yes here I show this time cups that was not many questions
  • 04:03: grandchildren asked not I managed to do but I show you that it can be ordinary glass and here so massage one here and so with you our third pub I planting zucchini I love more Still like this zucchini we plant always a lot zucchini never as it does not happen much I have a expression we we We plant a lot then I go on
  • 04:33: potatoes which have I have a free edge they plant a very feel good on the edge of a potato the edge of the potato I plant a bed of pumpkin they were very good they feel pumpkin then trudge on potatoes and potatoes It does not suffer and pumpkin very good It grows here and so so perhaps we'll We can do here again see that's such a good gorgeous flower bed with him of beds
  • 05:04: but a lot of zucchini and collect the most important thing that there are many power there is in We do not need to manure and will these zucchini to feed all Summer ie they summer will eat due to this here here manure which we contributed to the bottom of this here this tire yet if not just tire make pit manure and as well it is possible Of course, you can simply but to make a hole
  • 05:34: the question is what Here it will be convenient care here let's say we go to Yes, that's the lawnmower grass well mowed and about the grass is very convenient to look very convenient to mold and if we here We made a hole here that our whole herb She literally had it He did not allow them to grow just zucchini and export suffered with it fight and it is simply convenient very comfortably court courgettes Well that's probably all here on this I finish my
  • 06:04: report on planting zucchini seedlings namely in the tire's but perhaps maybe all bye we meet with you Julia was it me its channel in the garden Do in the garden till