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  • 00:00: a little uncomfortable and how to do it to do it at home with his bed waking up sit on the tip your bed and uprites their handles on the leg You see my forward elbows pushed by my body and my shoulders pressed against my head at the neck I look to the right in this way shrinking down I tightens muscles extensors of his neck as I see I have done once and rested their handles see
  • 00:30: Yes this is an exercise relaxes muscles your neck and trapezius muscles your cervical spine and the first thoracic departments see that I I did so not difficult how it's done strained relaxed sat before the time until full relax is not necessary crush crush is not necessary it should not be done at means of pressing again put pen again strained again released and
  • 01:02: barely sat so you will be on the third or fourth time I feel as though otsjudova moves muscle tension front of your chest and relaxation muscles of the back part so you start relax tight and muscle strain extensors realized for by the fact that you strain extensors you happens relaxation here these the muscles of your neck easy to understand the second exercise the same but
  • 01:32: it is necessary also to point that when so here put pen raise socks raise heels get on your toes We realized in such a way You caved forward and began on her toes so you They moved in more than lower part in a lower part moved their Now extensors a lower part chest will strain and the rear part of the breast is relax
  • 02:02: understandably Navigating the head all the time She is looking directly at During these exercises can not move quickly head again you can not then turn left right 2 the only thing exercise is you can do it small simple backbends or deflections forward without voltage soft there is third arose from beds you need stretch on the legs
  • 02:32: that's the way see how I I made rested on leg and bent their knees that this It is going my shoulders tightened at the same time my spine in a relaxed Division I this moment I relax back stretch my spine lumbar so you need to see to become the emphasis was entirely on my knees my back she finds items at where it starts a soothing
  • 03:02: So we understand first sitting on the bed The second was on socks on a bed and 3 He stood up, and having rested on their knees you must bend knees and stretch just find knees their hands and here And so for some time stand without certain movements of some time after that just stand there a fourth man exercise Rear loin hurts only in case that
  • 03:32: if he makes twitch forward back back and forth in time sex in while raising bags during any activity is is voltage piriformis hindfoot our our the back of the back and bottom or lower portion Department if This winter it can lead to inflammation as well as to these exacerbations and what diseases to do if that's these movements
  • 04:02: oscillatory forward they back strain These muscle movement when the legs are bent and Right Left movement they are soft press doing so you It is happening again appearance relax tight muscles and inclusion extensor ie and to become a by wiggling her hips in left in right side understood that's the way After this I I recommend a
  • 04:32: hang on something and exactly ten seconds hang on locker there because of how comfortable door that you It has everything as it happened Exercise 5 Doing Now These 5 exercises you forget about it your back is aching from someone back pain let's agree So let's have someone hurts lift Now handles lift super super Take those who sore back numbers phone is good and Now do these exercise and whole
  • 05:03: five days here before Saturday Sunday when I arrive well I'll come at Saturday and Sunday and you then Come and tell me He served five days these exercises I still sore back as do for yourself just this morning and do it in the evening collectively exercise 2-3 minutes that is, as much as in I will have time is spent show and so rested rested rested
  • 05:36: I do not strain my I So I just stared was a little bit on this state leaning yes after all relaxed and again then rested Now relaxed the second exercise I set foot on socks and again stared and stared again then the next I wake up and rested here and so I stood for some time trying maximum bend kneel before the
  • 06:06: when back more life and so stood one or two minutes after and this was He wiggled his hips Left Right Left right and then He leaned on the door and little povisel on this door this It should take into my practice all only three minutes if you will make three minute in the morning and after this is very good it would be to lie on I do not have a level lying on the enemy I have a flat plane
  • 06:36: all the enemy lying on a solid Now the plane you you can explain why because It gives solid opportunity for injury realized that is you injure another on your muscles course when you buy a mattress Swar Jim say is that mattresses soft on them sleep well why because they give the opportunity relax your tight muscles and But if you lie on door and then You will lie on the door then you
  • 07:06: on the contrary will happen further aggravation and development very difficult back pain why I I approve the work some time in mental Health I called the clinic note that concluded that there were there under investigation lecho somewhere they did not have Access could not sleeping on soft surface when they We slept one or two weeks almost all these people appear further disease and back musculoskeletal machine understandable why not give a firm a person to
  • 07:38: then save your spine realized as if it were Jim's quarrels clip this device if movie that brought it to I worked so to 2 all just on top of the neck down so that way would be for the injury more close to spine but if the bottom up in muscle tissue here why after when people go to equipment that throws out the blood of the spine this blood leaves no vessels which it
  • 08:08: if you can get man relax I showed you a this blood moves in veins so there occurs first 2-3 hours of relaxation improvement and then an enormous aggravation later 134 there five days course seragem it's all safe guys this much without it is generally completely for you are not safe you can listen just a doctor with experience because there is no not a single person I I worked no more
  • 08:38: one person does not have who would come and spat know me He has a friend he says sociologist I Andrei you know if consider it all it must be people who would be very displeased know I worked for a year and no one man who was I am dissatisfied with something or one that is, it means says my seminars still find their the consumer is