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Mackerel of a spicy salting  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello from Germany I'm happy welcome you to your kitchen today I have on the table again fish and mackerel today I will cook mackerel spicy salted and before proceeding need for salting Make the brine and the brine need very very good cool it to be not warm and friedge We put on the tiles pot and pan
  • 00:30: pour into 2 liters of water and now here in the water I'm here here here It made me need 4 tablespoons sugar without the top here level I'm here I measured out 4 tablespoons 4 tablespoons sugar one tablespoon a mixture of peppers here
  • 01:01: I coriander Black allspice Here one tablespoon a spoonful of these funds even further 4 bay leaf if you like bay leaf then add how much you I love it carnation Noel King in German a tiger, and I add just two
  • 01:31: I strongly do not bud love are the two here such here bud 1 per liter of water so he also if you like it add more on this I dry mustard without you can do if you do not have something I can did not lay down and one tablespoon dry
  • 02:01: mustard The latter just send this salt and 4 tablespoons sugar and stole mean take 5 tablespoons spoons field I always taking salt to one tablespoon longer than sugar but still Oak loves fish and salt salt my stone I its buying Guus
  • 02:31: the shops see what it was inside Naturally it to me not like there is sand but inside I add 5 tablespoons and When the brine will I am ready to sand the entire settles to the bottom and then when we add salt I fish with salt to Sand did not get there generally 5 tablespoons spoons of salt nothing more we
  • 03:06: you give them this time add 100 is good stir and how boils need boil this track five minutes that he these men and we are all the same 7 and then when he is with us
  • 03:40: Prokip must be removed from the heat and cool as a I have already said that it It was a cold and then Brine is this kings will be salted this time you can fish we prepare fish to delete all fins and tail head her well wash and cut into
  • 04:12: pieces such as you like you can leave fish son but then it will be solitsya two days I usually I cut because cut fish prepares to the next day but in no forces and patience to wait until it is cooked here I want to eat it already Now therefore, I did I cut it faster
  • 04:42: but if you were anywhere take your time and time you have enough means can be entirely send a fish brine and brine and add salt to it I stood in brine 2 I will not cut and so then my juice I will be ready I prepare fish and then we continue here all the fish is ready add salt and and will be here small
  • 05:12: from copepods and pure your tires I take a few bay leaves and little pickle again if the bottom if caught or pepper there is nothing coriander okay let all It is now fish as laid well as plump
  • 05:45: here is one layer laid pour brine to close it can then completely fill the well, so I'm sure that itself and fish in brine and next layer stack So the next and while here is not that all the fish in
  • 06:16: all of us all the fish flooded at the table and now top eye a plate to her all can drown little of this Brine twist so It was so full of
  • 06:48: utaplivaya and cover roof I cover and cap will platter up and all there It will be in good and this is now I put in the refrigerator for a day tomorrow at the same time fish can already eat
  • 07:18: but I connect tomorrow and I show that I grew up I do all the greetings day passed my fish already prepared I shifted into one the bank did not onion and now show I do servants if you do not like too lookup my children but very like fish then simply add up
  • 07:48: jump pull of brine You add up the bank and fill up completely butter and when it will stand up very very tasty and so it is possible to have it eat it so I tried very delicious salted all just enough anything that it is not necessary but we love and I husband love when this still smells of fish handle here at the bottom I would here you cut
  • 08:18: onions as much as you do not mind the bottom onion a little oil vegetable I take the sunflower because oil is odorless and any which you like now We laid on the fish as closely as possible you have no idea what it is delicious from it can not be off and
  • 08:49: Here again layer Put onion put and so on until the top laying need more wook all before the top all you need is to fill in vegetable oil fill
  • 09:19: that's all Let stand up to an hour half longer worth the course more market it powered and will continue to tastier and can not It is now just when wook in a little oil could stand it too will be softer very tasty here
  • 09:51: this fish if someone turns something like my can recipe repeat I think that she does not to impress that you fall in love with her in it the first time and I live all pleasant appetite and see you soon meetings in my kitchen all while