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  • 00:00: now I call this next trim diagonal eyelet this one's good if you want to run a ribbon around an edge and it's also good because it's such a flat trim it's very flat and tidy looking you're just going to cast on five stitches of course for some of these trends you might find it advantageous to start an end on waste yarn and then you could
  • 00:30: weave it and need a couple of rows now you're going to use your triple transfer tool throughout and what you're going to do is move the thrill' middle three stitches to the left onto this needle here and make sure you leave the empty needle and work and knit two rows do it again transfer the middle three stitches over to the left one make sure you leave
  • 01:03: the empty needle in work now I'm just going to keep going you get
  • 01:42: enough length on this so you can really see what it's going to look like so here it is a wonderful flat trim I haven't blocked it at all and you can weave a ribbon or a cord in and out through the eyelid and then apply this all the way around an edge or a blanket this next trim is an excellent narrow ruffle I'm going to begin by ear wrapping around four needles and this one is so very simple I'm hanging my claw weight over
  • 02:20: those four needles and my machine is set to knit all the needles I'll just knit two rows to get started now for this I only need one tool is the triple transfer tool what I'm going to do is take the three needles on the right and transfer those three stitches from those needles over by one space leaving an empty needle and work on the right this
  • 02:52: empty needle right here isn't be a position in work knit two rows I do the same thing take the three rightmost needles and move them over making sure to leave an empty needle and work now I'm going to do this many many times until I reach the length that I desire then I'll come back on camera and show you how to make this into a ruffle this
  • 03:22: is a really well-behaved ruffle it doesn't curl up on the edge like so many ruffles do if you unroll this little thing you have just made you will see that it has a wide open loop on one side and here's how you revel it you just use your latch tool to catch one loop at a time and pull it through the loop of foot below latching this up to make at edge on it and it doesn't take long
  • 03:54: these loops were formed by there being an empty needle on the edge of the knitting every single row I just have to keep unrolling it does have a tendency to roll because it's longer on one side which is what you want your ruffle if you need a wider ruffle you're going
  • 04:30: to have to transfer more stitches every time I have a seven stitch transfer tool so I could have a seven stitch ruffle anyway if I undo this of course it would be perfectly cute left rolled up but if I undo it to sew it on something as a ruffle see what a great little ruffle that makes so there's the ruffle trim now I'm going to demonstrate making a wider ruffle I have ear apt on I have
  • 05:01: hung a hanger and a little bit of weight and I'm knitting the second of the two rows to get started now I'm going to do my first transfer you need a seven stitch transfer tool or you have to transfer in more than one session and all I do is go to the rightmost of my eight needles and pick up seven of them transfer them onto the tool and then I
  • 05:31: manipulate the tool so that I leave those latches open I take one step to the left and put the tool on all of the hooks except of course the rightmost one which I vacated I dropped a stitch I'll just grab it and fix it go now here's the key thing
  • 06:02: you have to leave this rightmost needle out in work and then you knit two rows by having an empty needle in the working position I created a loop here which is what I wanted now I'm going to do it again I'm going to take the rightmost seven stitches move them in by one and
  • 06:32: transfer all those stitches and make sure and leave this rightmost empty needle and work and knit two rows now I'm just going to do this over and over until it's long enough and I'll be back I'll latch it up and
  • 07:14: show you how this Revell looks now here's what my strip looks like that's eight stitches wide and if I go ahead and gather this one up by latching this outside loop I will get a very very gentle ruffle so I'll get that all latched up and show it to you so here's what that gentle ruffle is like and
  • 07:51: it'll curl if you want to scarf and of course you can make it a little flippy er with just a little bit of blocking now what if you want a tighter ruffle what if you want it to be more extreme I'm going to unroll I'm going to unlatch this just unravel this and show you another way to do this if you want a tighter one take two loops onto your
  • 08:22: hook then slide in and take two more loops on your hook and pull through two through two now let me get two more and pull two through those two now this will be very very roughly just a few more to go
  • 09:09: now you have a completely different effect you still have these wonderfully flat ruffles that don't curl even though I didn't do any blocking but you also have a really nice bouncy amount of ruffle so that's how to do a wider one
  • 09:40: you could go as wide as you wished