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How to learn who is connected to Wi-Fi - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: to learn who is connected to Kvasha office enough take advantage of program of Varley network watcher it is so far all current connections mac-address number network connections adapter and other useful information program scans your network and displays all a connection table enough easy interface we need take advantage of only one setting is just
  • 00:30: scan launch If I press the shift f5 or start scanning produce scan our network for active Wi fi connections to our rotor at the moment I only connected my primary computer and this and my shows router that is here it is now I'm here I connect to vayfay network using mobile phone and Again crawl network again so I joined
  • 01:02: Now scan and Now as you can see display the fact that I I joined here internal network local address adapter shows mac-address number connections to this network shows I'm active status That's basically all so simple way you can learn Do not use someone in your Wi fi network