Lyubov Mihaylina

Saved 1/14/16 6:41 PM from machine knitting

Color pattern "Шахматка" by knitting Neva-2 car  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: here's another interesting design called chess now show how his knit comb one to three I bring the needle up non-working position I see the yarn finishing color 4 here I'll start with I put the third needle out upper non-working
  • 00:32: position and yarn finishing color knit 4 rows then I draw a needle from which I will deduce Needles following in chessboard lay out the following the letter of the needles with a comb
  • 01:02: one to three and see the main yarn color 4 rows again deduce needles upper non-working position starting from the third needle see the yarn finishing color 4 number of
  • 01:32: again changing needles 4 rows yarn of a different color and etc