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Dress hook. Openwork square.

Dress hook. Openwork square.  See details »



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  • 00:00: openwork motif of a kind day my dear knitting enthusiasts today we are with you We will knit here this black square first staff as always you We saw the dress connected just such square square motifs let liked Now analyze me so loved
  • 00:30: in so graceful beautiful motive can even strings need silky thinner when will just look amazingly well, Now, in principle, let us then how I always lay out scheme in VKontakte group reference to the group beneath the video there certainly on this here about to be I've found you can and read something and Well look shemku in principle, start
  • 01:01: We start with the first loop and air knit 5 which loops we close the circle connective loop joins in We crept here Here is a ring Now this ring we are going to knit
  • 01:31: 8 petals 10 loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and we are short, we it here provyazyvaem column, without sc secured in the ring the next tab
  • 02:02: 1 2 3 4 5 6 All eight of nine just ten Now this thread we pass round columns without sc and knit like these Here petals 10 loops we should
  • 02:32: So we have Get the look that's just such a loop 8 Well here such here 5 out of 10 stitches We believe 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 tail this course which we strings with you cut off the order to us it does not interfere further and continue what next then knit 3
  • 03:05: Air loop 1 2 3 and knit 5 more air loops is O 8 1 2 3 4 5 here we have with you center we petals in it provyazyvaem column without sc you are still entrenched knit 15 Ethel air 12345
  • 03:36: sc and do here between here two lobes bar which we knitting with you without sc introduce hook and provyazyvaem column 1 with a single sc rus 2 Now see that Now it turns out these here are the first three loops we do here
  • 04:06: have we replaced column made five and entrenched in lobe and the other hand made column one sc now you're 15 stitches 2 3 4 5 enshrines the top our petal columns without sc We do 5 air 3 4 5 loop and base column
  • 04:41: sc without which we did the previous and we do a number sc knit a column with one sc and so we do you in circles in a circle with us it turns out these are the three between which pitstop which by the pillar one of sc tip 5 stitches and so we are completing our circle draw your attention here we have the first
  • 05:12: petal and that's beginning our knitting 3 aerial loops and Arch of the five of us here at the last petal You see the arch of the five we Now closed The following five loops Arch and we need to you count three loop and enter connective close the loop Circle is all we are closed circle do you remember about that
  • 05:42: we have eight petals and we now have between each petal there is a column with one sc and arches 5 top air loops now we you one who has two column, without sc we also need to reach 1 center to here couples here so here I reached here at our center we are
  • 06:12: 5 even air loop 2 3 4 5 May stitches and join But in the next arch of five air five Again 5 1 2 3 4 5 is our Arch next article we do not join column, without sc this burn all the time
  • 06:43: We are five two three four five on five loops and join top of each arches five loops more times 1 2 3 4 5 Now that's a knife petal two arches in the have joined column, without sc 5 loops, and so each
  • 07:13: of the couples we recent changing arches five air we you finish the series we see here in this point we started here are our five loops, we are doing here with you coupling loop and complete our circle stretched all links we see it Of course we now have Here is such a shaft seats and folds but gradually we
  • 07:43: for the bottom draw more and more we you will draw here such here beautiful things like to go on square so now here in the arch to which we have come, we connect to it join and knit and three air this we will have a replacement column and further in the same knit in arch
  • 08:14: case 6 and in each such generally Arch will be 7 columns with one sc ie this a second mask This column 3d it 4 5 6
  • 08:46: and now we have the last its my family ie a strong We believe 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 columns 3 air loop 1 2 3 2 air loop and we go here this a couple of us skip go here this this miss and this
  • 09:16: arch we are knit Here is such a set of then 3 column sadim rather first the second column the second column we were binding column 3 and on the air loop we'll do it with you and peak and then we were binding with you the third column
  • 09:48: one nakida here such a set column with sc second column of the second column we knit pico three loops sc column Now knit 3 aerial loop 3 sc in the same arch refer to the same I see exactly the arches It is the same as previous set column with sc a second column 3 with air nakida
  • 10:18: loop 1 2 3 peak if who do not know that's see 3 loops and based on this column we spend hook and connective We close this loop peak 3 and joined nakida column 3 a column
  • 10:50: then we have 3 Air sc loop miss one arch and the next arch in you knit 7 columns with one sc ie we you repeat here this arch repeat after a series we go to the arches
  • 11:21: five loops and knit 7 bar through the loop 3 one arch we were binding here is such a Set 1 post with nakida second sc over the bar the second column sc and knit pico 3 loops 3 column 3 aerial loops and We repeat the same arch again in a column with a second sc column with sc over These peaks and the third
  • 11:51: column skip this report we missing five years couple of weeks and the next arch knit and still 7 stitches and so I completed a number of show last 3 loops knit and here are our initial our initial bars in the third I make a loop hook and I provyazyvaem coupling loop
  • 12:22: thus we you close a number of now we can have a look see as our example not perfect circle moves fairly flat beautiful square our ready-square we are here We finished here in this place we have left just a few series in the next row we are knit column on columns 7 columns with one sc between
  • 12:53: which will be 1 Overhead loop 3 as the lifting loop fourth is always we have, as it were, and between above the bars we were binding with you every 1 air loop sc column one air loop sc column Air sc loop
  • 13:28: column Air sc loop column We believe 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 between columns which 1 Air loop etc. we were binding 3 2 3 air loop here know go here in this
  • 13:59: Area here we knit with you exactly as well as previous row ie here in sc this arch the arch we you knit one the second column column one 3 air nakida loop 2 March peak at base close connective loop not supported
  • 14:30: stretched legs and the third column third column 3 air loop 1 2 3 sc 2 column of few as you can see here we are with then you have finished work
  • 15:00: airport here it logicality as a sol and the previous row Now we are again knit 3 loops with you 1 2 3 Air nakida and in each of these we columns provyazyvaem with you column one sc between 1 that the air loop so we repeat exactly the same both here and so I knit round so we end up
  • 15:31: knit our next I knit a number of three loop is our beginning It means that we are with you Here the starting point and connecting loop joined all next we already obtained a number of will finally in fact in this series we you can Join our Square now I I will show you how to knit
  • 16:02: side and then we him to join in this series after here we look we scheme you here in this place You see how we go Orcs have not written how much but I decided powdered loop 1 2 3 4 5 I why something happened It turns 6 that is, I I see two or three times, and that's at the base
  • 16:33: provyazyvayu column without sc 5123 I knit a column without sc 1 2 3 column without nakida January 2 3 123 bar, without sc and the last 1 2 3 here at I have a column without
  • 17:07: sc and so I turned such arches 123456 5 but who begin then perhaps you need not from the first class 2 column view as you will It turns out that he longer Now please have have loops 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 sc and we this angle knit the same way all We carry on both
  • 17:39: previous row column with 1 sc column with a 2 sc on the second column we pico three But the second loop column 1 2 3 peak again column have one 3 air nakida loop 1 2 3 all We repeat so you
  • 18:10: You see I'm tied one here is such a veerok angle 2 Now I I want to join I can say Now attach previous square join if we look see chart we see diagram We are with you join Now at this point we must join in the arch 6 loops, and so here We have five we have in
  • 18:40: second and 4 and we'll do in the 1 let 3 and 6, we see the course and Again in the park 6 loop and in the next corner of 3 so we you are here in This moment is now we do with you 6 loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 I'm doing and sc
  • 19:15: provyazyvayu 1 column provyazyvayu second column I do not forget to do peak 123 and the third column We make our 3 air
  • 19:46: loop 123 rather, even we do January 2nd loop we go here we united Whether we can succeed come on connect it the second loop is we 3 is a loop We are doing and knit sc Again our set and
  • 20:17: bars and because of its clubs with you joined so we are here entrenched in the corner, and finished knit angle now we are the arch we were binding loops of 6 1 loop 2 3 See our motif which we we want to join Now he is here we are with you We are looking for a third loop or maybe even just in the center
  • 20:48: we are provyazyvaem column, without sc and Thomas would be considered as the patient loop 2 3 and we now turn to your motive in working I subscribe here column one sc sc without a column sc 3 without air loop and we are doing here a first arch and the second arch, I also told you we
  • 21:18: join One look at the loop which motive subscribe here our second park we here with you provyazyvaem column sc without us 2 turns the loop here we and third hinge we turn to worker motive bar look that happened You see what you closer it was clear we We joined in the corner connected in arch January 6
  • 21:48: arches in the second compound leaves and Now we can contact you let's connect But in this arch want It can be connected in 1 that is, you have to decide and therefore motivated both you knit Please have a look at scheme Children under the scheme we have 5 the second and fourth here you creativity have something to think about 123
  • 22:19: We make arch 1 2 3 we We do again and arch Here we are following the arch Connect one See our motive is we like penultimate the crust is done to you column, without sc 1 We go to work 2
  • 22:50: and we've got close mark three loop 1 2 3 and closing the transfer from June 6 loops you grave amx 13 go to mounting or search for a motive third, or do in the middle column
  • 23:20: without sc have joined go to work 123 sc and so we are We make out the corner angle You know how to draw Agency 2 columns 1 2 3 and to whom the third column
  • 23:50: one you are looking for a park third, we can even you just do of center join column, without sc this is our second third and go to the last say in This series of our columns with sc and here you see a peak what we have
  • 24:20: such accession I We are now finished Record on the posmot I I completed the our motive I have it and do not ride purely because the first motive I He was already soaked and some form of Now we have see what we happened accession from which you can see everything very neat and beautiful At this point I want you say goodbye
  • 24:51: liked videos put the huskies subscribe to channel will be with you do more and I I wish you creative success and to new meetings