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Rabbits of economy of Maxim Shatskikh, Barnaul - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: to the point of friends how much water lyubitelnits in touch 7 paint I wish Altai krai city barnaul a little bit I will tell about my calico army farm myself suite is my
  • 00:31: rabbits doing breeding rabbits already about 20 years on what all teenage benefits Altaic state agrarian university work was wiped out on our way settled tissue protection office dostu rabbit disease three from different cities I have only everything others as
  • 01:01: of people now seen before a cutting - edge Soviet chinchilla go out on she was nipples ally it one of the best breeds yes continental western climate siberia as they have the thickest fur and very demeaning adaptation is low temperature and also they have very good energy growth this little
  • 01:38: zone advise now see the California I do not know this the weather is one of the best hands extra breeds she is very rapid growth of mass and good payback the second reach the mass the rehearsals cost kilogram of battery will achieve
  • 02:09: already 4 ways a sword on a bonus concentrate type the roots of the female are very good maternal qualities now you will see the threshold black mountain giant this is an old breed output was written for construction tarskaya service 30th years is very different much unpretentiousness where also significantly frost can live on street military content this winter can instead of water there is not very good
  • 02:46: adapted to the breed well, can bear close dinklage low temperatures reaches a mass of 6 kilogram can even separate spoons reach the mass mumps now you see after passing the Black Horn this by the eyes. now you see
  • 03:30: rocks flander he is fucked pedigree features By color they can be both white and gray black distinctive features of exercises another skeleton massive skull is very great Uky by this they have in autumn large body weight they can reach 8 separate ears reaches 9 10 kilogram feature very
  • 04:03: for a long time maturation of the female can we start she stared at the one who killed 785 breed gray giant withdrawn from German lysine by coming to shackles local mongrel rabbits wires differs dense masses stamina low temperatures as well as good
  • 04:33: health and good physical qualities requests reaches weight 7 3 option fatigue free 89 montserrat I see the rocks white giant white rectangle the breed is taken out from the flanks of albinos different from funds
  • 05:03: I'm not so massive skeleton although such a mass exactly against wonder for account of this they have more part of the breed white giant some very good maternal qualities also great energy simply by himself every average 7 spend can you feed up to 9 mass does not reach
  • 05:34: 8 kilograms can even long nose to 10 59 as than what good Come to us You will go