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  • 00:13: inlaid with a number of Open hinges on chain of the air loops first provyazyvaem Crochet a chain of stitches and knit a the number of loops that we We should try
  • 00:33: pull tabs on the line and that's when typed necessary the number of loops then remove an additional several loops to our chain is not
  • 01:00: dissolve it Now the chain is ready turn the chain on the reverse side and We will recruit on spoke here this here loop not recruit itself end missing several loops and so we collect all eyelets
  • 01:50: and now a number of typesetting I am now ready, you can and begin to knit knit a different thread when knitting
  • 02:03: It will be completed very first row recruit again spoke to Irina a needle recruit each loop
  • 02:38: then the end of the series here at I still have loops Now recruited , pull for the end of the strings and our aid row then bloom and loops
  • 03:05: will be on the spokes and can continue to knit these loops with you were Irina write comments put the huskies subscribe to my youtube style to the email channel
  • 03:32: newsletter online not since the beginner's point ru until we meet again