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New Year's dress in 10 minutes. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: until the new Year there are very a little time and at you do not have a holiday Dress for walking Shopping has never and the evening is worth outfits but quite expensive if you go in fabric and buy Front the segment silk or Atlas you can themselves quickly sew gorgeous dress spend it on this large two or three hundred we no longer You need a piece fabric length approximately one and a half meters wide
  • 00:30: meters to 40 meters fifty and 2-3 meters finishing tape Fold the fabric half lengthwise face party inside and We cut to grind both sides shoulder seams leaving allowances for two centimeter We had a cutout a neck boats at start and folded the sew to the shelf and back insert into braid left stitched Mahavishnu
  • 01:00: leaving 20 centimeters for proma contractible braid on the shoulders and tying holiday dress ready tying belt decorate beads and it is possible to meet Guests Happy New Year