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  • 00:01: Highness's this is dario from Laila org and I wanted to share a really useful decrease technique with you today this is a pattern I'm working on and you can see the decrease worked here it's a central decrease I'm working it over ribbing but you can use it in stocking stitch or anything else and in this case I'm doing an eighth stitch decrease and this is how it works so we won't need
  • 00:33: the working yarn for this so we can just leave it at the back for now and what you do is you slip one two three four five stitches onto your right hand needle and then you take the second stitch on the right hand needle and you
  • 01:00: pass it over the first one and that's one stitch decreased and then you place the stitch back on the left-hand needle and then you take this time the second stitch on the left-hand needle and pass it over that first stitch and that's two stitches decreased and then you just repeat that so three stitches
  • 01:33: four five six and you can see how it's starting to form the central decrease if you lose track of where you were whether you need to slip this the stitches on this side passages on this side or this
  • 02:00: side you can just have a look and you can see the last one you passed was on this side so then you put it back on there and you can do any number of stitches to decrease but you have to slip the right number of stitches before you begin it otherwise for example here you'll end up with a random slip stitch so if you want to work a six stitch decrease you do half the number so you could do three or four depending on
  • 02:31: which needle you start from I did five because I started from this needle okay so we're at six so seven and then back here eight so now this is on the right needle and this is where a my working yarn is so I knit this stitch think so and then I purl this one and then I just
  • 03:01: continue on in ribbing so there you have your decrease I hope you find it useful as you can see I'm using it in this new scarf or stole pattern I'm working on so the lace starts at the bottom and then continues and it allows me to decrease these stitches that that are increased in the lace section makes a really nice sort of bell-shaped decrease and you can
  • 03:33: use it in thin I arms like so I think it also looks very pretty you can see it and it makes a nice because it's if you decrease a lot of stitches it'll form a nice scallop at the bottom of the piece and I've also used this before with my hot water bottle cover pattern if you've seen it so I have
  • 04:03: decreased the cables at the very top give you a closer look it gives a really nice round top to the cables so that's also patent available on my log if you're interested I hope this has been a helpful video let me know if there are any other videos that you would like me to do if you need help with anything and I'll see you again later happy knitting