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  • 00:02: Hello dear gardeners today we you try different methods determine soil acidity that we in Of course if the garden you have the instrument on definition the acidity no problems with Using it you but to determine if such a device you No one can for a variety of signs about determine at least as far
  • 00:30: strongly or not strongly in our soil acidification on whether it is neutral alkaline The fact that one of the most common ways All gardeners them enjoy it determines from the plants which are even the weeds that grow in garden that is, if you grow magician ryzhnyak it is natural to the soil is very if recorded on especially at even It does not grow in a very dash
  • 01:00: Do you say so time when there high humidity Ermak ryzhnyak all But if still growing you grow in a wreath sparrow is not the soil you mean more alkaline or closer to normal It is good if sorrel grows even thousands is not an indication very very sour it's all rather the figure that soil is very much
  • 01:30: iron and is also good for some plants or shrubs Ilya would like here on grounds can have at least roughly determine Availability acidity specific soil acidity soil can identify more such way over chemicals that you and ways that we Now try Now do I have two
  • 02:00: soil type that's been here and jars Soil where I I had seen the magician grows ryzhnyak I think that necessary und sour but the ground where I had and deoxidize and I very different now so to say if weeds that very others grow show I recognize the area I had not seen one of the primitive
  • 02:30: ways I read of this is try to make such solution that is, it is necessary to take and leaves black currants and just boiling water their brew so I brewed 223 Fig. do here is such a chic cool solution him but now leaves Now I remove these just cases in one
  • 03:00: then the bank section But on the two banks private show and already here in this infusion cooled but still lobe of the land we are now drop Now let us take nubbin and now this zemelku nubbin
  • 03:38: that we should occur that is, we would like must change Colour is changed to a dirty
  • 04:03: It may be slightly add more have and give stand slightly her and see dinner Color solution which we will the fact is that if
  • 04:32: We have a very sour the the solution should buy a reddish tint But if slightly acid the solution should be already purchased little shade such as blue and if the neutral he even thought stay green maybe I just few leaves of course I put we do
  • 05:00: Nothing happens Well, let's set aside it then we'll see stand when you will have the the changes we have in these red one the way this is the way check acidity using nine percent oops for that we required Put a piece of glass it the dark column surface here we spread our
  • 05:31: ground samples Now put here one face here the other and we need nine
  • 06:02: percentage of vinegar Now that we ord pour a little ground But if we see that there is a little bit here here's course en relaxed but a little
  • 06:30: It appeared warbler so that's it mean to this ground has alkali and she basically any neutral or but on closer alkaline At least not this I did not record the soil on that is, it does not sour But on this if we see how much vanilla or we absolutely nothing
  • 07:00: what happens is there is not even there was no bubbles we have it explicitness that the soil acidic ie acid with acid from not interact will send interacts Only alkali and this know why this way too, can but it is necessary to check very closely certainly look so I'm thinking
  • 07:31: what one of the most all equally spectacular way to prospects it does not matter to determine the soil on the weeds are grow if you rushing on kryshnik then obviously it is necessary to deoxidize but I have to to make any goal mark or hall I prefer I always wear name if I have a very great soured on soil, and there is growing Just not in kryshnik
  • 08:00: the court in the first year it is necessary to make somewhere bucket on the meter square hall and the there is so much and the number is already in the years that followed it possible to reduce three times and even in four but every year a little bit to get make rooms in the hall yet and beautiful fertilizer so you why do not naturally mess Now such methods we tried to find out Nevertheless we
  • 08:31: happening to our solution to them Nothing happens all the more method I have failed I have very little or I put the leaves and me that is not a turned litmus like google paper you This solution was either method simply does not work is not in vain I did I subtract nothing can be I especially mean and apply here and so
  • 09:01: some methods we pass on any there is another way gardeners such method determine when grown beet some site and look for beet topper if it is red then also this site listed keys if the ice only red veins on the leaves he is slightly acidic if the leaves green Just stand topochet
  • 09:30: neutral Alkaline also still One such way folk say methods so to determine its and acidity Be the soil has see that there plant and deoxidize or not, and how to use it to work until goodbye