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  • 00:11: set of hinges 5, the method or French method we will need glomerulus with thread and two needles first, we do first loop at the point where we it We are going to make turn strings
  • 00:30: that's the way then fingers grab the thread and pull moving in a loop this place put three spokes and tightening the noose can now be ready to set loops at the end of the thread We are on top a thread that leads tangle goes down
  • 01:03: right hand holds spokes thus to index He was holding a finger loop and high and middle finger held thread and two needles in put your left hand the end of the strings and three fingers grip the thumb from the top
  • 01:32: down poddevat thread and resulting We put on a loop spoke with the no thumb remove it stays inside loops and index and thumb We keep two spokes right hand exempt take
  • 02:00: the end of the strings and we start him against clockwise from left right on the spokes and then the right hand hold the thread and the spokes of the loop Left thumb put on your hands on the spokes and then pulling the end tighten it
  • 02:31: and repetitive movements Now again I will show how it's done fast
  • 03:01: Kazan to write comments put the huskies subscribe to my youtube style to the email channel newsletter online not since the beginner's. I grew up new appointments