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  • 00:00: Hello good Welcome to my I'm sorry for the kitchen a hoarse voice I added bit just going cook your own lunch and suddenly I thought why I would not remove this Video theme I cook today will be for themselves I hope that the shirt cut too crafty
  • 00:30: pancakes Well, actually on the portion to go to the main third large onions and correspondingly 4 eggs but because I very eaters I was a little sharply reduced this portion I have here a big 1 onion very, very small chopped rub can not because You will have water here solid
  • 01:00: They gave me here It is also very small sliced ​​tiny clove of garlic, 1 egg then I have here such a size about the carrot I it also rubbed on very shallow terochke out of my spice salt black pepper red pepper or say paprika and as green and a little parsley me drained and can take a fresh basically greens You can leave one
  • 01:30: service flour and flour I put on eye the cooking process we see how I I put her means here we are garlic carrot drugoj not bother pancakes actually very simple primitive but believe me I have them already repeatedly
  • 02:00: cooked they are very, very tasty and generally useful fan of onion garlic and ready raw onions just like eating an apple this salt Spice up paprika desirable so that paprika was Acute got it in this many times sweet even desirable to pancakes a sharp little gave the green mix egg
  • 02:41: also among I forgot ingredients mention cream I take here here I have somewhere tablespoon can be one and a half more tablespoons like now we will stir into flour I always I make eye but I never considered Now you can
  • 03:12: consider no special slides first put one tablespoon possible one more Again, no slides so here is such a we consistency it turned sly carrot and weight now need to pour into skillet vegetable oil any of your choice and start playing like Once the butter is hiss longer necessary spread fritters
  • 03:43: my personal belief bow just but the magic vegetables there are so many people who suffer They can not taste it but if you like the onion it should be consumed in huge amounts you appreciate and gums useful and generally general immunity provide for general immunity so our pancakes
  • 04:30: ready an amount of test me happened exactly 9 oladushek possible do 10 if desired I'm falling to their media whether you can with anything with what you want sauce kitty world is not in itself delicious flavor the kitchen is worth I you I must say this that just is not you hold so that I I hope that this you have a recipe all the soul bon appetit