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  • 00:00: Highness's today I wanted to share with you the simplest shawl person ever it's so simple that I actually fit it in a tweet a while ago and it didn't even take up all the characters the only instruction is to yarn over and knit to the end of the row and that's it and you get a lovely bottom up garter stitch shawl so let's see how we do it so for this shawl I'm using this yarn which is somewhere between fingering and a heavy
  • 00:30: lace weight you can use any weight of yarn you like one recommendation is that you use needles that are maybe one or two sizes larger than what your yarn requires because garter stitch can really do with being a bit looser so we simply start with a slipknot like so place that on our needle and then we work the instruction which is simply to
  • 01:00: yarn over oops a bit loose here and knit across to the end I can get my and okay so that's our first row and then we turn it around and then we yarn over and knit to the end of the row
  • 01:36: and it around again Yellin over and then to the end of the rope and we just keep doing this so I've knit on a few rows and you can see the shawl is already taking shape we get this lovely triangular shape and this is going to be
  • 02:01: the point of your shawl and you can see the yarn-overs that we work at the sides are forming these lovely loops which you can use to add an edging so you can pick these up it'll make picking up stitches easier you can also add a border pick these up and knit downwards for a border or you can also use them to add a lovely fringe so that's the easiest you'll pattern in the world I hope you find it helpful you can also check out Leila or
  • 02:32: my website for a free cheat sheet with five shapes for top down shawls which are also very easy and I hope you have fun knitting Jules happy knitting