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Simple OPENWORK PATTERN. Knitting on # 79 spokes  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I will knit this here openwork pattern front side pattern Wrong very It looks nice and easy fit circuit patterns and the writings characters and will leave on a reference my blog Look down under This video's scheme pattern rapport It consists of 9 loops plus 2 loops
  • 00:30: balance + 2 loops edge that not listed here that is, to associate for example here This sample that he had just showed three motifs from three reports we recruit thirty one loop ie 9 loops multiply by 3 plus 2 loops for balance +2 edge patterns and of 37 5 the height of the rapport repeat the first
  • 01:00: on the third row and that yet in all backstitches ranks or all pairs of them ranks knit pattern on but still I wanted to say that here these here squares purple indicate no loops ie we do not take them into account, and so we will knit I will continue knit this one here pattern we recruit quantity
  • 01:30: necessary for us the number of loops here I have thirty one loop to see it in order to tie 3 rapport and as the circuit is very I do not want a small how to start knit a new pattern there will be nothing we will be seen continue to knit here here so knit the first row of shooting not an edge provyazyvaya 2 backstitches then knit 2 sts along the front of the front wall
  • 02:02: front loop sc sc sc front front and sc Now knit broach To do this, remove the one loop is not provyazyvaem the following loop knit enter the front left needle into the second loop and typing the menu itself on 1 that's the way
  • 02:33: so we tied one see report repeat the following rapport again knit 2 2 loops backstitches along the front of the front wall sc sc front face sc sc front broach remove one loop and provyazyvayu
  • 03:03: The following front and enter the left needle in and a second loop Spreads on January 1 loop It remains with us right spokes and this loop we reset, and so we Knit see two report we stayed repeat the last 2 seamy 2 along the front of the front wall
  • 03:33: sc sc front front loop sc front nakida broaching remove one I do not loop provyazyva The following front and Spreads second loop in the first then knit 2 sts for the pattern of equilibrium Wrong and bead 2 row and all
  • 04:07: boys knit ranks of an edge pattern if someone does not shoot He knows this is now facial loops 2 facial they are not here have ruled knot facial and this that is wrong facial loop we knit facial wrong knit purl sc knit and purl so in the end of the row block all paired rows
  • 04:40: see purl legs purl seamy loop knit purl facial loop knit facial knit third row bead 2 2 loops backstitches along the front of the front wall 5 facial and broaching shooting
  • 05:15: one loop is not I next provyazyva face and hands enter the left needle in and a second loop I pounce on the first so we knit with you 1 rapport repeat 2 2 loops backstitches 5 along the front facial and broaching
  • 05:49: and knit the last 2 report backstitches 2 5 along the front facial and broaching last purl two loops bead Wrong fourth row knit
  • 06:23: by the pattern and number of 5 rapport repeat 1 a number that is the fifth row knit as well as First here is a pattern it turns out in this all subscribe to I wish all of my channel all the very good and see you my next video till