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How to make New Year's gingerbreads? Vytvoryashki  See details »

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  • 00:00: what do our Ural and gingerbread than they eat today we will be told Elena Alexandrova good morning good morning morning we today bake the Urals gingerbread and for this we will need eggs honey seasoning cinnamon cardamom ginger in first with using a mixer you need mix 3 egg yolk and 100 grams sugar to white homogeneous consistency then into the dough add 100 grams butter as many crushed
  • 00:30: walnuts 300 grams of honey and a teaspoon of ginger cinnamon and cardamom in end add a little soda so appetizing looks what you want try it right now i'm always getting a big pleasure is place such a dough now you need to knead soft dough adding some flour ready gingerbread cookies on a baking sheet greased vegetable oil gingerbread we send to
  • 01:00: oven for 40 minutes at temperature 200 degrees while they are prepared mix glaze too very crucial moment we use protein which we have left from the test for one protein adds 100 grams of powdered sugar with Using a mixer mix you need to beat about five minutes to thick white mass while sleepnought frosting gingerbread our some
  • 01:30: the fragrance is finally now will be the most interesting paint a panic gingerbread you can all that want to also in any supermarket you can find food dyes and play with flowers is a culinary adventure ideal way spend the evening with children or take guests to the same hand-gingerbread work can become a great gift you can do all that from gingerbread test and in the basis of I I'm doing it all the same
  • 02:00: gingerbread houses to bake such a gingerbread house julia took about ten o'clock small details glued together with using sugar syrup work laborious but the result is worth it if your family is no longer surprise with sweets from shop who is Delicacy will lead them delight to the same such a gingerbread excellent New Year's souvenir