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Socklets Tunisian knitting. How to learn to knit. Knitting lessons for beginners - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: shields and placed her I have long wanted to bind I have not been solved, and that's what I got if you like You can see how it is done first recruit 20 stitches and We begin to knit ordinary Tunisian bollards ie introducing the hook in the loop aerial loop do sc
  • 00:31: Taxco on worker thread and leave it on the hook Reverse number tally as if we are closing loops provyazyvaem 2 loops together in pairs until the end a number that has already received glass cloth
  • 01:01: is stretched I sat tight and we continue to knit column, enter the hook take out reserve on the hook and Now I want to show and both ends and estimates abs we do air loop and starting in pairs
  • 01:31: closed loop so to the end of the series Now I have already contacted cloth here 25 straight column that is, 25 direct and 25 back that
  • 02:04: cover a number of further I'll knit white knitting yarn accurately ting bars leaving them on the hook the sea is not fully
  • 02:35: Cage one column the rest tied again Reverse get close loops again will knit 7 thread all Likewise, and again
  • 03:09: Time for one more White eyelet already have us one decreased by 2 column, and so continues on diminishing and that you're a cop yet in total 7 white
  • 03:41: strips should get the entire series completely 7+ 6 shown here I wonder transition and hammering visa number exceeded fully
  • 04:13: blue bind 6 loops 6 columns who stayed I will choose from I leave column pelvis on the pillar here convenient for some reason hair because both unnecessary and rack eyelets
  • 04:44: or do not miss one the color of one bar number 2 and column hook note that I'm taking a hook the wayside it is not long column here maximum loops you I gained in confidence and
  • 05:24: will normally close knit something burp close eyelets I want to draw your account both the need to So I changed the thread
  • 05:55: child knitting 1 column and blue, and start knit white ie completing a series of other color again begin to knit a Here is a wedge that is, we had 20 loops
  • 06:26: 20 columns I link 19 One column is not I'll take that again and hold One column is 18 and So repeat you for it wedge between then here I have already
  • 07:00: second term svjaza I can not take it back dovyazyvaem lie down and minutes and filled his ear around a number that is 20 hinges on the protection of again dovyazyvaem
  • 07:33: until the end of a series of one pillar of the just knit 3 of the wedge all attendants then with coke fully 20 columns daring outfit and see 20 some in the blue thread as in the beginning and then dial medium
  • 08:05: 9 expression and eyelets I will knit the sole Now do not write on love and 1 day column because as usual with 1 tbsp
  • 08:41: closes the first loop series and number of dovyazala Now we form the following columns loops provyazyvayu and knit on again end of the series hook
  • 09:24: We pull ethical you fucking neighbor times for us together close tabs can add to spend the end of the following loop knit columns as it turns out
  • 09:56: frame all column grab sine countries at different
  • 10:27: together with the previous in We must constantly Seregin and so will bind
  • 11:03: We connect the two sides of middle part to end these are 20 25 mg counselor sensor
  • 11:38: Now we knit with divorce george Notation connect two parts knit world turns it turns when back from the gate We continue for exactly as all five he must be knit 9 9 loops and connect Skogen on what that is, eyelets bokovinok
  • 12:11: add loops and should should not be that it should be continued to do I
  • 12:46: air loop this case will remember and frost just two column unite and the expense of ethics do not added one that is well, it is going to take until the upper part is not are flat here traces have cats
  • 13:17: is obliged to the upper part columns, without sc although you can of course kindness and another pawn that but I like you why it seems that the quite a number columns and music
  • 13:48: that's what a beauty It turned what they good because it is not stretched and they have more wear resistant Engines of Creation itself