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Knitting by spokes. A scarf - the Accordion. Scarf spokes. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today we are going to knit Here's a scarf it is called a scarf Folding it can be usually associated scarf like this I did and can be our ends scarf sewn a and we will have LIC my scarf I get a hundred thirty five centimeters long and 20 centimeters width for knitting this scarf us I need yarn knit from alize lanagold
  • 00:30: from 100 grams to 240 meters a scarf on my It took 150 grams half the uterus is a yarn as we need 3 millimeter spokes and spoke three sizes greater than 6 millimeters Getting Started Knitting on the spokes 3 millimeters recruit 32 loops send 32 loops
  • 01:02: then proceed to we should knitting knit 4 rows Garter an edge provyazyvaem front and all subsequent loops on the left spokes will knit facial last an edge also about the knit front loop dovyazyvaem number to
  • 01:40: end facial loops and the last and an edge provyazyvaem front So we have proved first row we develop our knitting Shawl tying it when we knit all facial ranks second row then knit as facial loops an edge provyazyvaem front and all subsequent loops on the left spokes provyazyvaem facial facial knit for
  • 02:10: front stenochku So Garter we need to knit 4 a number of knit 4 rows Garter We will continue to knit spokes 6 millimeters spokes and take the fifth a number of these were binding needles an edge provyazyvaem front loop and then we
  • 02:40: We need each loop provyazat first 2 front provyazyvaem the front stenochku a second face knit the rear stenochku remove knit then repeat loop the first loop provyazyvaem for front stenochku the second for the rear and thus boom knit to end of row First the front stenochku second loop
  • 03:11: knit the rear stenochku each loop we vyvyazyvayut two the first loop 2 loops provyazyvaem facial loop for front of stenochku back for stenochku front of stenochku back stenochku the front stenochku
  • 03:50: for our back the number of loops increased by 30 in We had 32 loops with with edge about sixty-two edge provyazyvaem like usually one loop and the first and last an edge knit the front face stenochku the rear
  • 04:20: stenochku the front stenochku the rear stenochku the front stenochku the rear the front stenochku provyazyvaem front the rear of the stenochku
  • 04:51: front of stenochku zadnyuyu stenochku and last an edge provyazyvaem front So we dovyazali fifth number of debug spokes 3 millimeter away and The following series will be to knit these needles 6 to 12 a number of us will need to knit front embroidery purl rows knit purl loops facial provyazyvaem
  • 05:21: facial loops sixth row we purl means knit fabric with the wrong loops So Wrong
  • 05:59: knit loops to end of the sixth row on September 7 and 11 series of facial knit loops August 10 and 12 series were binding purl loops in we must have facial surface of 6 to 12, a number of proving 12 a number of us here at face turned smooth surface then take a 3-spoke millimeter and 13 series will knit 3 milimetra an edge
  • 06:30: provyazyvaem front loop and will continue to we do ubavki provyazyvat 2 2 along the front hinge together face January 2 loop along the front 2 provyazyvaem facial hind stenochki tied in the number 13 the number of loops in We will be like when set 32 loops together with with edge
  • 07:02: the following two loops knit together facial 2, and thus the following way we want is knit to the end 13 series Loops and 2 together
  • 07:58: an edge knit facial if we do a number of knit the facial loops edge also provyazyvaem facial if Wrong the loops provyazyvaem and first last an edge seamy debug spokes 6 millimeters in the direction of and the following series will knit 3 from 14 millimeters to 18 I will continue to knit garter and this means all rows
  • 08:28: 14 series of facial knit facial loops for front stenochku So Garter knit all rows facial loops us you need to knit 14
  • 08:58: 18 number of garter viscous knit 14 to 18 number of garter stitch and we tied all rapport pattern We will continue to knit repeating a report from 5 to 18 number 5 number we were binding spokes 6 millimeters and so repeating 5 to 18 a number we need knit to the desired We Scarf length So I tied the desired
  • 09:28: me the length I I get twenty five complete rapport and began to knit 26 I knit a report front stitch from 6 to 12 number 13 made a number of ubavki and I will continue to knit Garter us you need to knit 14 to 16 a number of garter viscous three rows provyazyvaem all facial loop in it
  • 09:59: We now have 14 series dovyazav 14 number 15 and number 16 knit as Garter dovyazav number 16 full report provyazyvat will not we are doing as well as at the beginning of knitting to our tips
  • 10:29: our scarves were following the same this number we close the loop provyazyvaem 2 loops along the front loop gain We return to the left needle The following two loops knit together loop gain return and thus we close to the end our range until
  • 10:59: close all the loops with left spokes closing all hinges on the left cut the spokes working thread and close loop gain further by hook hide yarn tails and our scarf and ready