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  • 00:00: men's scarf can associate's use a simple and at the same time elegant drawing which consists of squares located in staggered
  • 00:30: the width of the sample 35 or something and 10 loops on the edge per square here this square is made garter stitch it 10 stitches next square made gum which sometimes called English false elastic or semi Patent and width I Here, too, 10 stitches and the next square will perform again garter stitch it width also 10 stitches When the height is
  • 01:01: knit enough series to get squares pattern squares changes He had become a garter gum was eraser Now fit Garter I knit in garter Now fit viscous gum as I He said this figure he sided It looks the same from one from the other hand knitting any scarf very it is important to choose beautiful an edge loop in this case we will use
  • 01:32: just such an edge loop which They look the same, and on the one hand and the other for sample type hinge 34 30 loops is drawing plus 4 edge loop 10 Garter loops knit 10 stitches gum, and 10 loops Garter and to 30 loops with + 2 on each side loops are
  • 02:03: and form an edge of sample naberom Chris 4 loops for sample we scored Phillips dial 34 loops cross set we studied the first part of our course and so Getting Started Knitting knit front row 2 to the first hinge edge loop first series of one remove the loop and a second loop knit
  • 02:34: we face knit 2 edge loop and then we knit 10 stitches Garter in all kinds of we knit the 10 stitches Now we face Knit 10 facial it loops loops Garter The following 10 stitches knit false English gum or also called the floor patent for knitting
  • 03:05: so will a number of 1 1 Wrong loop 1 1 front 1 Wrong front is four another loop Wrong one face 6 loop seamy 8 front Wrong 10 front loops, and so ten loops we knit elastic band The following 10 stitches is next box that knit in garter viscous
  • 03:35: 10 knit facial loops the last two loops this edge loop penultimate knit face and last knit wrong side turn work knit the second row is a back row at the beginning of the back a number of the first loop not shoot Knit and second also not knit
  • 04:05: before working thread Now knit 10 Garter loops tying it means that in all ranks of the 10 loops we knit facial so knit loops 10 facial loops is Garter loops knit that all the ranks fit person provyazat 10 Garter loops Now knit viscous ten loops gum starting from the second number of loops gum
  • 04:35: We will always knit so purl loop we will knit wrong and when knitting front loop needle will administered in the bottom loop lying here this series loop hanging on the spokes and we spoke to introduce proper but the bottom loop lying series here so enter a needle loop of the bottom and a number of underlying provyazyvaem face knit backing wrong side and when knitting facial loops needle will enter
  • 05:05: loop lying bottom a number not in the loop that hangs on She spoke row below Here and provyazyvaem front and back loop when knitting the front loops and needle enter into loop lying bottom and a number of purl loop provyazyvaem wrong side continue knit 1 front in loop lying bottom We introduce a number of needle 1 Wrong and more about knit 1 front loop
  • 05:36: seeing a needle loop of the bottom underlying series knit 10 stitches Now knit elastic band 10 Garter loops tying it means that all we knit loops in all ranks face so knit here facial loops 2 last loop purl row knit so we do not shoot 1 knit thread to work and
  • 06:06: last loop knit and so wrong continue our Now the height of knitting it is necessary to link the many I go to each knitted turned square let another row with knit face series 1 loop remove the second provyazyvaem face it edge loop and then 10 knit facial loop is a loop Garter in all ranks of the 10
  • 06:36: we were binding loops face 10 facial loops Now knit yes all right 10 loops are now We continue knitting and fresh or May 10 gum purl loop knit wrong side and when knitting facial loop needle enter into loop bottom row and lying Wrong way 1 1 1 front 1 Wrong
  • 07:06: front needle introduce when knitting the front loop loop lying bottom series and so knit 10 loops gum The following 10 stitches provyazyvaem facial it loops loops Garter in all rows knit face these loops in the end of the facial series edge knit so one loop
  • 07:36: front and the last loop Wrong, and so continue our knitting so 10 stitches Garter This one box here 10 stitches following 10 loop is a loop that we will knit semi Patent gum introducing needle at knitting facial loops loop lying in the bottom and a number of purl
  • 08:06: loop will knit purl following 10 loops This loop we were binding on all ranks face it loops garter knitting and so we knit many rows to available at each mating square one square hand square and next square on different Threads and spokes is It will be different the number of rows this example was Knit 14 rows of
  • 08:36: so we started 3 tied square Now change the binding here we will knit gum on the 10 loops will knit Garter it is these 10 stitches We will knit gum and so changing patterns squares face side in the beginning of the series remove the first loop not knit a second loop knit face it 2 loops edge
  • 09:06: Now 10 loops knit gum 1 1 front 1 Wrong 1 Wrong side of the front that is, the first row patent floor we were binding gum ordinary rubber band 1 facial 1 Wrong loop, and so here we are knit 10 stitches Now on gum the next ten loops instead of gum we were binding handkerchief stud ie in all these kinds of loops we we will knit
  • 09:37: facing these ten knit loops 10 facial loops here so knit 5 facial loops and on loop trail Now knit gum 1 1 front 1 Wrong number of semi Patent gum is exactly what tally 1 Wrong 1 face that is ordinary gum 11 knit 10 stitches
  • 10:11: gum and two last loop is edge loop knit one loop facing and last loop knit seamy side turn work it Wrong side on the wrong side 1 loop not remove Knit and second loop is also not remove knit the two component loop an edge loop Now knit gum seamy loop knit wrong side and when knitting facial loops in the second and in all subsequent rows needle will enter
  • 10:41: loop lying bottom series and so spoke enter at knitting front loop to loop the bottom of which lies a series of purl loop knit usual seamy loop knit 10 stitches let's recalculate 10 elastic loops Now the next 10 loop knit Garter all the loops of the 10 we were binding loops face knit 10 stitches
  • 11:17: then again knit gum 1 Wrong 1 front when knitting front loop introduce needle into the loop the bottom of which lies a series knit 10 gum last two loop seamy row knit so penultimate loop not shoot knit thread before work last loop knit and so wrong continue our
  • 11:52: knitting squares I picture them staggered knitting this pattern we started with cruciform set to beginning and end of the scarf They look the same close the loop at the end of such work can knit stitch that mimics cross set among our free lessons there is a lesson that It called unique stitching in the second part of this
  • 12:22: lesson we show This knitted seam that mimics cross set but this seam we close the loop width classic male scarf somewhere thirty-thirty five centimeters average sample hand-knitted number four with half in order to get a scarf classic width should dial sixty-four loop but provided that work on spokes number four with
  • 12:52: half this the lesson is over