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  • 00:00: present to your soft developing book for children the book is aimed at development of small motor skills of children also to me the task is presented on the study of color sizes and geometric shapes So start with the cover here we have a soft such a voluminous cat paws he did not sewn on paws whether it is possible with child play hide and seek us paws fall in love with eyes
  • 00:34: The eyes are closed either my grandmother passed here play behind us about shoots and a tail which we also have on Velcro closure our book so first page developing the sky is here with us sunny weather such is the sun the sun is on us with Velcro on such a pawn that removable
  • 01:04: elements are not going anywhere lost the sun We can be help to hide so that there is new cloudy weather or you can even do it remove while Butterfly with us voluminous rustling here one is sewn and the second on the plates developing small hand motility stretch you can not also
  • 01:35: choose here we have grass bush bushes can be rubbed bead pens fingers behind this blade of grass will arrange Kazan hides from us donkey this page is with us also a secret here us such a button it's hiding here thundercloud
  • 02:05: but you can yes unbuttoned too buckles on cake is obtained account while we have the same a storm cloud without the rain hence we can to drag a rain rain the urine of our donkeys such developing
  • 02:37: heaven can do it all then remove again unfasten hide in this pocket trains small hand motility button up button return our cloud base places button here ours are back sunny weather this is the first
  • 03:09: page next page from such a hedgehog and also here's the valve have different flowers chamomile bangs here is the sun of tasks for this page find mushrooms they are hidden and feed our hedgehog love us world with chamomile all of them we have on Velcro
  • 03:39: such a thread attach mushrooms here we also mushrooms we find all the mushrooms we feed our and ignite all mushrooms fed for chamomile Here we are the sand we are
  • 04:09: meet at our buttons hides such a strawberry about us sewn and you can simply touch one of the glass go ahead Next page small house here you can child talking what parts does the roofs window rarely start from the roof on the roof of us attic
  • 04:40: here we have a door opens here at us kitty century just childish I want without everything just opens next crawling kitty a pussycat door as expected with a bell with handle by the handle you can tighten the door
  • 05:10: we will open here we will answer our inhabitants one more kitty it turns out cat house kitty analytically on a thread Vodka kitty can be while at the window that she needs us looked out only close further here another one one type of fastener plaque is very easy can be unfastened just tighten here
  • 05:40: we have a button We open and go to house then we are a cat now put here blunders have it all in half will be we fall on so called a gaming room here like you see the outline geometric shapes here in the pockets hide themselves geometric figures
  • 06:10: task is to put the right item the task is so that the color of the contour matches color geometric the clasps are here Velcro and buttons here we have rectangle a major here we have
  • 06:40: buttons fastens we have any such developing assignments us there and us to introduce So here we are the curtain. to close the house happiness all the necessary fasteners no one of us .
  • 07:10: we take out the border our eyes-kun us ears will be needed button up go to the next the following page This page is van is not better bright fire let's just take our kitty we can slotted and window the van will be pineapple
  • 07:41: play the role of a driver here we can unscrew the wheels all vans small ovary motor skills please also one more kind fasteners are lacing unleashing all lacing and we look that at us wagon tip tips
  • 08:11: us flowers the task of planting dots to relevant public again task for color blue to blue though 1 task can be completely different can be discarded child seat first large flowers by color red passionate green green then little is gone size assignment
  • 08:41: or in general big small respectively large or reverse you can also absolutely such task for imagination develop imagination and any interesting flowers cars such here double flowers need to invent single-color or
  • 09:11: colorful please need depends on the child's imagination as he pleases such flowers to him want to do everything on our how he not to We have nothing lost nowhere get lost that everything we had on the spot, then you can ask a child close the trailer and
  • 09:45: respectively, piously lace back was who started add and the development fine motor skills tied up go to the next the page here with us animals Well, as you can see
  • 10:15: we have everything without animals east here such tails are all they are on velcro task to find owner of the tail Again, the assignment also by color that is orange girl less dowel this is facilitated and last page
  • 10:45: this is the water element here we have this here is a whale here in our corner hidden pearl in sink we can have it finger touch the task of feeding our whale this is our the mole opens here tube us on the kidneys you can feed
  • 11:17: there is one more here a fish in a pocket you are welcome a couple of miles and not so close up Here is such developing book the tail is closed Thank you for attention