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Pattern spokes with the thrown loop

Pattern spokes with the thrown loop  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: greetings to all lovers of knitting in this video I will show both bind pattern spoke with thrown loop pattern volume It holds its shape well This pattern beautiful both on the front and so with seamy side alternate pattern through
  • 00:35: 2 loops and two rows height recruit sample any quantity loops provyazyvaem first front row an edge loop not remove provyazyvaya do sc on needle
  • 01:06: 2 facial provyazyvaem Now loop sc thrown over knit two loops sc on needle vyvyazyvayut two facial loops sc thrown over knit loops
  • 01:36: so pattern is repeated until end of the series vyvyazyvayut last
  • 02:22: eyelet in a number sc the spoke 2 facial sc loop through exchanging an edge loop provyazyvaem seamy loop next row backing in Wrong number of all eyelets
  • 02:53: provyazyvayutsya purl loops an edge remove all loop is knitted seamy next row front
  • 03:24: front row repeated provyazyvaem all so I like it Zavala the first row of the front sc on needle provyazyvaem two two loops knit loops we move nakida and so provyazyvaem
  • 04:22: pattern to the end of the series next row backing in Wrong number of all eyelets provyazyvayutsya Wrong, and so is knitted pattern the right size such a pattern is obtained so pattern looks to face of such
  • 04:55: pattern from the inside