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self-made scooter trailer

self-made scooter trailer  See details »




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  • 00:00: homemade trailer Scooter It is made with a profile pipe down October 25 side up on the rack 25 to 25 is a fork also 25 to 50 reinforced wheels
  • 00:32: carved special bolts washers are not bearings changed cap very rare carbonate and save the it pours absorbed made way specifically for
  • 01:05: plastic mold here where you can put large plastic forms It can be one big 2 little can four small here is a general view
  • 01:43: cp tow hitch the device is made that's the way it is made homemade of triple and iron and fastened except two bolts their opening
  • 02:13: cleaned cleaned they cling here standing mounting bolt by an electric motor inside the hose so as not to bryakala or zakazhesh threatened all very quickly clings
  • 02:46: clings to Russia though not with one hand I can so is them and service all