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  • 00:00: hello youtube today I give to you at my next project it's called a recipe for scooter here is my scooter which I see at the cottage or where on business or sometimes i need translate and some
  • 00:30: pears for the sake of who feel sorry for the machine chase scooter just the time is right christening permit submit to scooter the trailer itself consists of old trunk from classics with sidewalls him used to him
  • 01:03: trunk mutilated tubes sawed in half and just the bottom is not size pipe profile square 40 millimeters wheels from a bicycle children's sports unsportsmanlike cross conventional box pieces of wood inches and done turn signals purchased were on the machine in
  • 01:34: car dealer they are for trailers turn signals for overall and stop signal tank sofas of vanilla leaf at my friend works asked did not useful cloth stand management goes Well, the system itself towbars made by
  • 02:08: this principle parks is connected with using the shaver connector is called sex is not the whole connector the wiring goes there to turn the towbar itself where he is from the sarau spherical untwists also the nut was contract nut in valine in the pipe from this ball for communication on
  • 02:41: you were a wife there plastic when not necessary Damascus turning I'm like this small playground I have almost almost no for when on bends I put the bend in me ball scrolls trailer is not will overturn was situation when I have overturned trailer but I do not even felt that
  • 03:11: I overturned because the ball the principle around always is played this way everything connects we circle from the first times all receive visa no camera came in when I
  • 03:45: specially corked welded super wax auctions and character connected we take system of turns and brake lights works now I want separately give an assessment because we went out on top of this I at first I did
  • 04:20: be consolidated Use when I do not worry, I held out requests a car but then I decided slightly simplify conventional dogs that twist building stores are sold in ordinary lichke this 4 on and the very principle of which printer they
  • 04:55: turn put a tent of it you wanna and turn around the same thing I do apparel I've got a corner angled hook at me use 2 kinds once and turned on
  • 05:30: diagonals he is not going anywhere is sufficient design banner you need to divorced bye does not work approximately 150 kilograms I loaded me on the track we are not the same became behaving in a how to fly away now i envy scooters show how he works for bends and
  • 06:08: Here's how something like this
  • 06:38: thanks for reading with you were a turn