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shapka binizhensky cap + master class + full opisaniyelesson 1. Cap bin spokes ♥  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello this video tutorial I want to tell how to make just such a remarkable hat bin it It is very fashionable 14 15 16 year and feature is the fact that ranks It is not located horizontally as we accustomed to seeing a
  • 00:31: vertically on the actually it is connected from easy stocking matings of facial eg loops and only in generally fit pretty fast neatly get you see petelechka from I hope petelechki what did you like If yes join us We begin to knit knitting you yarn need not took his beloved but licking on the bolt here 100 grams of 240 meters 651 color also spoke at I will have a room
  • 01:03: four centimeters for volume measurement head and about crocheted long cap and then hook for refueling tips and binding caps and edges scissors see the who do not want to give not They want to knit striped here such It requires at least a cap You want to take any another color you I liked I tell you, it is desirable I advise to take once parma. in order to do under the cap and e.g.
  • 01:33: whether any and mittens mitts well that you have had as a to a naborchik This naborchik you leave yourself or You can do good gift eg girlfriend or a mother in general to your liking Then look so we begin to start back down somewhere scimitar and strings it will have to stitching caps Now one needle You do a set of loops
  • 02:06: and snip the first two then loops represents the second needle and continue for their height caps I gained 55 e le chic why we collect here we scored five six eight and nine and ten own up dial another 40 loops and given Berov pull tabs the needle which is not They were recruited February 1 Now tabs
  • 02:36: turns to Me and the first distal edge provyazyvaem front then all subsequent loops provyazyvaem facial thus first row we provyazyvaem all but five loops that is, the last provyazyvaem facial eyelets up to five and on the last loop left steering wheel spokes the five remaining we are not loops provyazyvaem just unfold
  • 03:06: crochet and knit the second row of the first loop knit the latest is a series we provyazyvaya not remove and keep all knit loops front to the last loops loop the latter will have we edge provyazyvaem an edge wrong and all subsequent the ranks last loop provyazyvaetsya bead seamy and in the beginning of the series is not provyazyvaetsya just
  • 03:37: shooting third row distal edge shoot and eyes knit front to last four last knit loop knit the front stenochku front and So we provyazyvaem leaving 4 loops on the left spoke again nedovyazav wider we are launching and the first loop we remove knit We continue to knit in
  • 04:09: all this series loops to the end last bead knit purl 5 number of an edge remove all subsequent loops knit words facial that is, we like you see basic stockinet thus knitting until the last three or carts on the left spoke Here came again to
  • 04:39: the moment when provyazyvayte last knit front the front stenochku and four take away this one do you not 3 loops dovyazali deploy knitting and in this series just as all previous first shoot not knit provyazyvaya her and subsequent knit all face an edge loop provyazyvayte
  • 05:09: wrong number 7 an edge and shoot all the loops to the remaining two loops and provyazyvayte the words of our face provyazyvaete last petelechku previous Knit and words You take away one loop you February 2 is not dovyazali launched knitting Now the first
  • 05:39: loop remove our not knit and provyazyvaya The following tabs provyazyvaem facial an edge provyazyvaem wrong number 9 an edge and shoot provyazyvayte all tabs to the front the remaining 1 the last on the left spoke As you can see thanks before Now knit this eyelet at us very easy and can be seen as we need
  • 06:10: diminish loops that is here the remaining one not provyazyvayte ie you can on it orientate How many do you need leave at the end of series loops and that is subtract one and you it turns out that's the number of loops that you should Now leave not shoot provyazyvaya first loop and follow all an edge face provyazyvayte again Wrong number 11 an edge and shoot
  • 06:41: all subsequent eyelets provyazyvaete facial last loop but also provyazyvayte provyazyvayte it how wrong Here you an edge dovyazyvaem penultimate the front face stenochku last provyazyvaem like an edge wrong He turned 13 series already as the first we remove an edge not provyazyvaya followed by all the loops knit and facial last
  • 07:12: provyazyvaem like and an edge wrong you see cap will we consist of here such 12 rows that is the 12 turns will repeated on sequence that is we now have It turns in a row 13 but the number of 13 so itself we will not this shall be considered We considered first a number that is, we are now remove an edge knit facial
  • 07:43: eyelets up to five latest hinges on the left spoke not provyazyvaya that is, as you can see 13 series has already begun to the first row that is you are not to knit 5 then loops deploy tie before the end of an edge then purl deploy the third number of compromise and the front row will be considered not to knit 4 It has tabs on the left
  • 08:13: spoke turn tie to the end then 3 2 1 and you seen here on this here our bound extremely petelechki we knit for front stenochku us very simple and easy will look as we need leave the pyaterik have what we and diminish her just one eyelet diminish and look acceptable and we you need to leave three or there are two loops loops or 4 and so
  • 08:43: Now we left 5 tabs not to knit on whether you do not turns and such I repeat once again we were binding with the beginning we you need to knit here such ryadochkami of 12 ryadochkov until typed certain length cap that is you remeasure the volume head which
  • 09:13: You will knit this then cap take centimeter let you head girth 54 cm but take a standard so to speak, and the head so here it is three said apply here you say in fold you height cap 55 e le chic's height and you You will knit dress
  • 09:43: soup is here gradually, as it were diminishing loops so said adding and unacceptable 54 centimeters have the volume of the head you are here So take centimeter, and can a little bit stretching the canvas which will connect and then so there is not quite straight and strong pull Here's how it will be look at your head and then remeasure have let you should be cloth
  • 10:13: well, let's say 54 49 centimeters and there I I think 5 cm more that is stretched that's where I when see, I will tell you how much I personally knit to your I think the scope of the head that there is, in principle, have you should not issues arise It should not matter how you is all error and neponyatok then after we how to continue our caps the amount of the desired I'll show you how we
  • 10:43: we do now