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Cottage cheese pie. Gentle, as cheesecake)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Julia I want to have a part eat dessert here such a curd it has prepared pie yesterday I was only one piece this Crunchy crust I want to say that this tonic when namely cheese pie but to taste it so close to cheesecake he is a gentle stunning and such Pies can be excellent alternative
  • 00:30: biscuit somehow cake with fat cream because he Percentage likely to 70 is made up of cottage cheese here so if you I wonder how it speckle then stay with me yesterday I all for you recorded Hello it again I show you that we need 2 eggs I do not recommend reduce the amount of because I know that
  • 01:00: Many women love instead add another 1 instead of 3 2 this is not the the case was so 2 it turns gentler he turns gentler pie half cup of sugar from sugar, you can experiment you can try add less flour a glass of flour 400 grams of cottage cheese as a you understand this the main ingredient our cottage cheese 100 grams of cake butter it should not be simply because
  • 01:30: the refrigerator it is desirable to slightly hold it in the freezer a well know frostbitten vanillin I I advise add vanilla and I think so much tastier lightly implanted eggs I did not even took to this simply whisk I did it with a fork Now our first sugar and peppered him here stir add a little vanilla
  • 02:01: it's just can do in the eye usually in recipes written on tip of a knife Now take a deep dish pour it all It could of course initially make more and spread to our cottage cheese and whole here's the drum Well
  • 02:31: girls get something like this Here weight and I do not I not use any mixers nothing I a webcam carefully I stirred her to It was uniform was smaller lumps perfectly straight uniform and also not have to do without fanaticism and Now begins
  • 03:02: already the most interesting we take Frostbitten such a piece of our butter directly on the grate it here So it looks that's a bit strange someone breaks the oil pieces I do not know Now this recipe that prevented grate and you You know the same easy way grated on oil, we We put our flour I have somehow low Well here is the oil
  • 03:32: mash with flour pre-need was added 2 tablespoons sugar and a little venezia Well that's the dough I it has since spread out I was on a dry form spread bedplate Now we take our excellent weight and how we fill in the form
  • 04:03: a lot of cheese and Now I have all this beauty tidy in previously heated oven literally minutes Twenty-Well actually I He pulled out of the pie the oven turns Here is such a mass of to live in there He is very gentle, I smear He jabbed his finger to
  • 04:33: nor could not resist no way pull pie form before it gets cold because so gentle and just you let fall apart cool Well, in general, and all bon appetit It was bustling with you thanks that were with me all the while