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  • 00:00: Winter time has passed years, thanks to a Mars is Hello dear Friends I am very happy all of you welcome and today we are with you We will talk to such an interesting topic that people intriguing had called tricks with these horns why tricks but if you remember good movie about little pig Funtika
  • 00:30: here is a simple manual dexterity and no of fraud I will tell you honestly about my patination of patinated which I did in his works and so what is the draw and what is the process patination go us the color any plaque on a surface which is formed from time, that is, if we take you surface precious metals on the surface of
  • 01:01: iron and other metals here we We will talk with you of the hands and a blackening and if you and I want patinated thing that example of how we it seems there was a very happily at your kitchen that there is this patina that's the same raid dirt glasses which natural conditions of formed on such that's a sign of things
  • 01:31: life and now I have I will show you how I am doing patina on his work here at I have such a great a small magnet with registration Katrina you look all the same we have with you this so I took such a sweet new and start to year such a delicious still life and now I I will show only friends and that's how
  • 02:01: always a lot We are outraged that do not you give us something wrong I tell you show and I tell to do myself patination Still on the money Chenki use near me I use any medium that which for example, they mix our acrylic paints then have it creating his year I usually work liquid diluted flowing fender paint
  • 02:32: without the aid of a cup brushes and all that that is the only I need is my hands it is a mistake diluted covered any firm and as a matter of fact subject that I Will work look I repeat I hope that be inspired here see I have Here is such a liquid diluted acrylic so that he sit enough liquid have lynx tips I am a mountain their fingers
  • 03:03: I take a look tomato this vodichku smear amount very, very gently on smeared finger Now I'll take and I try to put here it's brown paint around the edges on to you see what it so here I lays down strict these very quite bright so that's 5 so I began to take
  • 03:35: Thumb not here and so I try it a wee bit or take another what good work fingers if you work
  • 04:05: Cup sponge material porous and you for example if you liquid and will teach here I Acrylic paint you all of the water Now with this in this paint It goes into the sponge that is there is a large likely that you such bunches proverbs touch pop 0 and wanted to more to do yet you do the direction you press sponge stronger and you instead to all the paint is gone to your mother your
  • 04:35: job you applying then step back I have many times this was eat here so buying grated there rubbing rubbed then at some point I think you need to come on more patin cause I'm stronger squeezed sponge and I fully grew absolutely clean absolutely transparent surface then I seen before the sponge He took his finger and all still it's all about business You see the finger shaft India ie Now you can simply
  • 05:05: brush pour you can do it all and so here I am very accurate motion all food business pour more because you pull brush or sponge you often left direction Now this movement here there is usually little finger how do people need for patination it I took a brush here and so did I
  • 05:36: so here a couple to Then he took a loaf so here is a quick all with it let remain here are Now what is the edge when do you work fingers you that obtained a climb diluted oiled without clear borders of such a light all you will see that I am in basically Engage all their fingers and me after I lose their jobs fully hand completely dirty but now I'm so so convenient if
  • 06:06: after all this is the method you does not apply this is nothing terrible plus good fingers control this Now you know the process when still strong dirty, or else they Very dirty and Now look at another very often I love make a full greening works for example, when the first first layer Pay neomo kaya and then I for some reason, wanted to yet fully all for the greening of that it's bed she went to all
  • 06:38: irregularities you still time on the map Yes, I take my coat with a brush This is how the work I take my hand as a matter of fact a mound of Venus and do I take and yesterday until that moment that I to satisfy see that the paint
  • 07:20: and dries up due to that she dries up it will be very she will clog here these pores but these here places that no Henceforth you are the best smooth with these places paint will do something there is here in Basically, you can still make Cup back all the same is any problem We made rather than forging it's all to do fingers so you We see that here here's me here it's dirty to her walked here all these irregularities and of
  • 07:50: finale I I take again and again and here And so with a finger I try to drink it poker and so Passers-by also cut and my old
  • 08:32: magnet ready only only here is probably still I need to do to make easy question to to this work and revitalize itself let the magnet can someone give previously stories which interesting life of it was because here feels when people will the job log it not have such saying that this work just print bonded and
  • 09:03: little with old it seems all the same reliable aging here pay attention to this one's on here it's part of the that is, you see how very carefully and very quite plausibly lay this is now gryazyuku Here such here methods using their grief dirty I repaired the hands almost all of its work because brush brush
  • 09:33: I do not sponges I use enjoy their hand if you like flies too easily try very neat handwriting train let me hope you like I do on something inspired and wish you all is well until at