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  • 00:00: absolutely everyone who once fought overweight I heard the expression burn fat and you know how to the right to burn Sorry but now because we know I had a party our super coach and my they are a friend hello while incarnation harmony and energy someone says even that generally burn fat is a myth and you as think I believe that his burn perhaps most importantly use right tools I will not Say to good nutrition and it must be so
  • 00:30: clear about the fact that 80 percent success rate It depends precisely on food but 20 per cent of all still depends on training is not necessary I think that here we are will shake the These are hefty as we see sometimes TV does not rise beautiful and feminine and so further than the more in our body the mouse faster than our exchange substances and the quicker burns fat even at when we just sit walk or even sleep so muscles but you need to train sometimes not enough to This time I am today I show training
  • 01:00: which is called high intensity training I immediately knees begin Drozhzhanoe it It will be very difficult and find you as usually as a click fingers but someone will really heavy that is burnt the fat that the body It happens in this moment that we burn down these training become as a spice we metabolism accelerated and we fat not burned for most training and even in for four 8 hours after training over what secret and who someday
  • 01:31: ranks high intensive training as well and that there edinichki well-liked so you just start I'm ready to let well let us make brief razminochku hand skrestnye ago cross ago 321 the soul, too, we always mashed Like right and wrinkled and sometimes even make circles with your arms you already knew that to make high intensity training a lot space is not required so please do not
  • 02:01: just look like we wave and join us need dumbbells and skipping rope what about those who not yet bred at home one dumbbell dumbbells KNRTU you can always use bottles sand enough comfortable and who do not have rope can always be just jump without rope spring down a dumbbell weight need take to start for starters, you can take gantelki then two kilograms three then as you and I 4 and there are professionals that you brought me four kilograms Nadia dumbbell jump
  • 02:31: from his hands under his knees round back to top and there went up training over there is no dream We proceed take gantelki we find we will do everything 10 reps it's a bit we do one exercise for another row without rest until ready put a foot parallel and we doing squats with hands zhimom up and his head I I take a breath and down exhale top 3
  • 03:01: exhale Top 4 eight nine ten there you will find We descend forward hold dumbbells rods and 1 right hand Two three you like 4 something similar to my horse is not a shock Affairs 6 can be, and will say to whom pleasant to Duchamp he gave me then another hands up substitute
  • 03:31: not seen from me Do not wait because there return back We put two feet together cant ahead and do this Crane slope forward and present you again for the first time muhlyuesh Nadia we're already so for a long time together and not before they Crane We made bright He looked formidable look and Sergey Konyushenko said that It should be slightly sock inside to direct and did not stagger Nadya will write cities as the last just one gantelki We leave on the floor
  • 04:01: We ran ahead Lie on your back back and found always something It comes up to to cheat cheat having trained then our Turks tying it on hairstyle correct right knee bent Left hand on the smooth times will feel in the press Bring your right hand gantelki right rise up and gantelki up all the time hold for 10 times for 23 and from nonsense idea came
  • 04:31: fun game that 6 train in advance and then what are the muscle Rokeach we pump up your hand up Refrain please well and we all work muscle find today you will not give no clear answers simple It is running all the way cancer lie exhalation Tavers who else can we We do one arm right, and you know why because on Next we approach We will keep to the left therefore nothing miss moving on put dumbbells shall we do with
  • 05:02: you long jump to become any party and overclocking not jumping you and I here, too, not posorevnuemsya I'm bad jump important not to jump to hurt Out of the corner pad ready until long like sports We started on pole Dad is not directly in front of Vadim and so perfectly 10 and rushing back again soon two each time We are trying to jump
  • 05:33: as far as possible 4 more class 2 times nine and the last ten times perfectly thanks for the support and take the rope any training It should consist of strength training these exercises our bodies do in small amounts should still gaps have cardio it is the ideal cardio points when riding
  • 06:04: ask me how Simulator buy home bike or treadmill I I say buy rope if you have enough motivation the fact that at least every denechek jump rope five minutes was already You can think about which is a large expensive and simulator These all together shout enough okay okay only because we have there is still such three circle you and I have the press the other arm left
  • 06:34: left leg remains bent right hand on his stomach and left all time will keep ceiling ready 3 established drove up exhale the way tomorrow if you call me in the morning and say that It hurts you all that I I will be very happy but if not then I'm bad thing is absolutely right and then we you tomorrow more we practice on dishi top stop there they his people who
  • 07:04: We are now looking see that it is hard and it's really very hard as a can be home cause if Anita Lutsenko not near practically simply looking at TV to do it but there is a temptation Now you can stop do hour and a half and you can work out five minutes more the effect will be exactly the same can be Even better, I think three times a week make myself Five minutes should you do want beautiful I figure you ru ensure that if within 1
  • 07:34: Week three times you You are doing this exercise a day at the end of your week the body will change it one hundred percent will be stop over in mirror and start feel some New twists century did not a new form see myself, I realized What can be stimulus soon as spring however the girls we so eager to climb Now these little dzhinsiki which could not manage and boys to dress shirt a short sleeve there's a well biceps that here it is a great incentive and
  • 08:04: how to make intensive training her to really it was effective they then He showed us so let's make do thanks hello youtube Now we are going to move here if you like then our video leave your comments and for those who dream of beautiful figure at the bottom there is a button subscribe so press it and be the first to Get video and become thinner together with us