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Pattern BRAID. Knitting by spokes # 301 Master class  See details »

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  • 00:00: all three branches of the channel Svetlana kim today prune shame pigtails After working here and continued to the league one second 1 Oporto height left of the road and left themselves filmed they did not want to see according to her information so here it consists of 18 five children recruit Calisto fivefold eighteen plus two complex read circuit from right to left
  • 00:30: He lived to the end of the report and repeat many times as necessary the height of the pattern repeat from the first to the lighthouse 47 49 years old I live as well as the first I admit we catch ourselves swan and how I gain 25 minute 17 Peter work plus two complex promo pictures with above and write sample Only question is not to delay I'm the first row of chrome with him
  • 01:01: you ought to him 14 weeks even in the face of smoking here at night
  • 01:31: Framework even admitted the second number of years, all the guys we have fully Pomeranian shooting loops license essential He admitted no wrong so until the end of row a third step louder here at night third Reich eight at night
  • 02:03: third Reich flight to cottager in a conventional garage down the fifth circuit the seventh series of the beach
  • 02:33: as well as the first I lose Yashin also have a third I will too, as will as the first so now they are the thirteenth row Rescuers cut through until January 13, but now say 13 period of mirror third of the night translate three Petlin subsidiary before work
  • 03:07: passing the center of Beijing and the purpose of the award he sleep aids translate First I will not and obliges three picnic and Vice Prime We translate three Beijing
  • 03:42: and auxiliary at work three vice premier tire sas help them not sleep well ryazhenka the kinks beginning of their transfer to him spokes and passing the sum of 5 and 3 to 5 years force here at night
  • 04:20: November 15 about the match 0 here at night six high schools here at night flight at night
  • 04:56: the last five years seamy in the 17 years I have at the same time, he as well as March 15 November 19th as well as the thirteenth 20, the first twenty-third as well as 15 We meet with you 25 percent November 25 rum with him flight should be with him translate 3 5 3 at work
  • 05:32: third Reich peak with autoshop not sleep the whole sour milk days now she will we translate consumers
  • 06:04: subsidiary processing beaches and third 33 min founding furnace of gravity also Chita here it is necessary to him on the twenty-seventh and twenty
  • 06:38: ninth series of lie down and no fifteenth thirty-first as well as the twenty 1 33 39 45 days Yashin also want to lose money 35 and 37 of 40 first 40 33 47 ruble say the same as the first after we passed Soros and they say October 1, constantly kept up order It is obtained so cute
  • 07:08: that's all I wish everyone all the best all while