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  • 00:00: chicken skin removed very easy to simply fast for this chicken is first put back and start to separate the skin from breast skin here most densely mounted near the place gutting and breast center after you separated skin from the meat together near the place evisceration start to move from the bottom up you periodically have cut thin skin svyazochki here attached
  • 00:30: virtually nothing to principle can be do not even knife as I said You need to be careful Only in the middle breast here in this place just skin attached enough dense bone and need to it does not try to hurt when walk about center in the wheelhouse it is possible to postpone the knife and separate the skin right and left center there are two skin pocket so hand
  • 01:01: separates the skin from one and on the other hand side and then knife pererezayem svyazochki centered breast and proper practically it leather with branch breast of chicken fight completed and further liberate
  • 01:34: their knees pererezayem shin in We will remain inside skin we separate the thigh from skin and then remove cut knee joint and separate Peter we reach the middle of the spine spine until You do not need to touch here so that's a way
  • 02:05: femur with one side of the same We perform with the most the other hand Pope of chicken overturn back up and then separates the skin the spine here the skin is attached really tight enough and therefore it is necessary it does not try to slotting process department also We are moving from bottom to top
  • 02:40: and then we need will release shoulder joints wings we remain within the skin freeing the shoulder joints and cut We do the same
  • 03:11: and on the other hand a little more and work will be done a result we it turns chicken leather with leg and wings and chicken bones with meat all
  • 03:42: ready