Master class in cold porcelain. Graceful stamens for small florets  See details »

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  • 00:00: first thing we We need to prepare stamens can be certainly buy specialized shop but not always have the right color and portion sizes are purchased sloppy and that the most important thing They wring their corners and if independently perform stamens on right their technology can be changed any number corners anyway we deal thread take Mylar can and other but certainly the most the best result you get on Lobsang
  • 00:30: books for today florets take 2 addition to the video, I I will pull the thread the frame to a This camera unit placed in conventional same time, I hung thread on horizontal crossbar and bottom small tether cargo scissors pliers little something that arm It will fall can be attach yarn plus 3 if the house animals or small babies Pull the thread between window handles and cabinet
  • 01:00: for example they are up to sex is not empty anchored in a knot one edge of the frame and we wind free zigzag in another edge care must be taken to it was a good tension so I like this even pull up and secured knot scotch tape now handled thread thick adhesive pva thick coat with and remove fingers glue over then we go through the camping such twisting conductive
  • 01:31: movements need to give a little bit of glue dry and Repeat the procedure with anointing abrasion myslishki minute two-three on dry between coats It will be sufficient if you want stamen colored foot that simply touch up glue necessary shade can be used any paint that well diverges tight acrylic gouache and other oil paints are not suitable They are stratified in this glue
  • 02:02: again remove the excess and leave for dry already a few hours if in a hurry then 1:00 will enough to better two or three hours after all Now wait prepare the substrate which will dry stamens just add concertina sheet of any paper I usually a4 office a bellows can squeeze for small stamens or stretch if the stamens do I tried more
  • 02:32: different ways dry but we will do a little curled stamens and this case sheet itself concertina comfortable Let's see why we need stamens score here our apple-tree flower middle, looks quite naturally if I had not won stamens advance they would have stuck out exactly like a brush at stylized crocus all here the same although the stamens thinner from a single
  • 03:02: thread they are also a bit disorder bends in each their side even zemlyanichki where stamens very some tiny fold gives liveliness flowers and the way saying eases laminating process thread round seredinke So this effect to achieve It is not difficult a fresh shot impregnated with streamers about it, we need a thread wound on round handle or wand pencil desirable leave for Matan
  • 03:34: as at least an hour better at night but you can immediately run a small Bending still continue to keep beforehand cooked thread also better wound on pencil when we cut this ring We obtain the views and segments of which will do they stamen there are a few sticky need disassemble fingers a whole bunch on individual filaments colored head easier just make out tinted air defense
  • 04:04: using blisters out of the tablet and capacity places mixing the adhesive must be thick if you do Porcelain cook too got glue the right consistency Here you see a freshly Lakra suite glue if your glue watery or you want more the bulk head thicken and glue as the blocks shown pro tools and materials for apples look good translucent stamens so I do the first layer of
  • 04:34: clean floor with tweezers work much more convenient than fingers but keep thread Generally, it is possible and fingers course Macau round-trip We try to get tiny droplets hefty stretched head we do not need and neatly way to the substrate Macau next stamen is not first Take your time let the hand get used to then the manipulation can be
  • 05:06: dispersed and good pace quickly hide all substrate preparation stamens long It does not take a particularly if more parties and cook our case, we need to a total of 24 pieces of 8 floret given that the stamens Bilateral total 12 pieces to do while the first layer dries up Tinting defense acrylic paint is standard and Chris paper but you can use any paint that
  • 05:36: well diverges It was such gouache Oil paint is not they fit stratified in this I want to get glue dark pink shade so intermixed quite a bit of blue if the color ink It is bright can be added Rula achieve
  • 06:07: uniform color and proceed to dipping size heads easily regulated glue density want to die more air dry glue want less add fresh liquid if we do not necessity get translucent head or bicolour we can thicken glue for stronger and more do one layer
  • 06:37: ie dip head once thick glue here there is a folded 4 times and one tinted time or thicken mass for heads such as dental powder just remember that the thicker the mass difficult to obtain smooth and droplet available stamens texture for this poppy in glue once in texture here grated bed It can be used
  • 07:07: use semolina can be special powder it is called pollen specialized sold in stores some cases you can do the stamens of fishing line pay little tip and already this pellet poppy Paste and our stamens the time dried up It became darker and slightly transparent