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Why the oven by car (one of the reasons) does not heat  See details »

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  • 00:00: I welcome all who watching this video this video I want show one of the reasons why not Warm in oven I have a car I have a colleague at work from a colleague has car volkswagen golf he bought about three years ago and I noticed well, he told me himself I complained every year he changes this one radiator on the stove why he changes because this one radiator very well him missing just one
  • 00:30: season because he clogged with dirt and the water is not water and antifreeze in it very bad circulates and he changes it, and he told me how but in principle itself I saw this he tried to radiator wash water also tried He mopped blown but its compressor not effect any It had zero effect He tried his well blown well, really
  • 01:01: he did not make out and a hose at one insert hole of another hole water or left air like yield water or air nothing It prevents yet Now that the radiator does not It works as it should and What is the reason but he changes every year and the reason we did it mac personally I could not understand and I was generally today interested in
  • 01:31: What is the reason why no effect on washing and by blowing air no like as if see the tube here honestly say not thin but not too thin and not too thick seems to be that they she huddled enough ICT Fleece score the more in a colleague who own it is not sand golf throws but who will
  • 02:01: all his harm machine fills pure herds antifreeze but that less Now that the radiator missing him by only , in general, I took the radiator and Screwdriver and hid it it became very interesting feature or these design radiators let me to show you here is how you I see it revealed device, in principle,
  • 02:32: simple and that I I found stand here such I honestly gizmos to say I do not know why These spirals are but likely the spiral stand for so that no matter how such circulation strongly and cooling fluid was more all these cases these spirals and cost like that's how look there seems to be
  • 03:02: everything is clear Well, let us now see what I I found at that's pulling this let me spiral slightly enlarged and you look very exciting especially for these design radiators Well, look here feature here look, you see there is no
  • 03:36: no compressor water did not wash out and let's not sell on the general very tight pulled out here see and this I do Yeah pull the attention Look look
  • 04:07: here's how compressor and what Water can do blow or wash this one hose and like machines general machine coolant not water and antifreeze here look is not enough Now that the radiator just 1 season let others
  • 04:37: spiral and pull out look very tight everything goes here look it clean horror so the real horror this one is easier pulled out here this amazing all clean take out Well, in general following As you can see here under These strange things two
  • 05:07: clean but you can see here packed too here clean but these general score Here you see a Now look what tubules on this Here you can see the heat sink Now if these things are not was I think that's this would not be So here it is
  • 05:40: video and that's the thing we in here this a radiator worth $ 20, and to change it but it should be very good Now get this design Now these radiators So here it is video in general here in than failure reason
  • 06:10: or inoperable Now that the radiator or is this heater that more I want to tell all disassembled whip hand but if desired, can be all neatly disassemble all clean wash gather again on sealant plant Again it all overwhelm and radiator this one heater I believe will be like new to the general here
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