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Knitting of vertical loops for buttons \/ Knitting vertical buttonholes.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello apart have horizontal more vertical Loop one of these loops you see Now our such sample loop usually knitted with knitting pattern gum one-on-one or two two our palace it rezinochka 2 2 loop connected exactly by knitting the middle of
  • 00:32: purl loop loop is designed to great lengths buttons, and I am now I will show you how to to link such petelechku and so recruit 16 loops from provyazyvaem edge of the article 23 centimeter it will the bottom product
  • 01:04: last loop for top button It will be located in in the finished product at a distance of two centimeters from the edge to link this loop we knit our products in two parts ie knit first one part and then another ma.
  • 01:34: knit and the second part so our provyazyvaem our loop rezinochkoy two by two we got to the middle
  • 02:15: our knitting our the sample is 8 loops These 2 here purl loops is Our center works and so provyazyvaem our wrong have front loop it It will be the first petelechka that leaving us to our opening for buttons to dovyazali center so we
  • 02:46: We chose these two Middle loop for nightlight focus our hole for button Now turn our knitting and will so provyazyvat height of holes we turned our knitting inside the side loops we yet we do not touch it will have to extra spokes
  • 03:17: our working stay and where we not working. this part we will knit on the height of our button on the heights on that which we needed so after we knit last petelechku front we remove it not as a bead provyazyvaya continue
  • 03:48: provyazyvaem several rows and this, in our sample 10 for this series opening us you need to knit height one of our work We turn again to face to face hand work
  • 04:20: we continue knitting about 10 Only in this series spoke on one of the spokes and while we work one tied height part of our loop Now we need to tie work thread to another side or knit the other side uterus and so we Now tie up to
  • 04:50: our left side knitting work Now our thread take extra needle and extra spokes we will provyazyvat exactly the same height our left shelves which we tied the right side, we we will knit equal to the height of our loop The first loop we
  • 05:27: removed simply as bead not provyazyvaya on we are on our I want you to figure show through the fact that we've knitting right shelf last loop provyazyvayu if not as how wrong an edge as well as the front loop we formed here such nodules
  • 05:57: that give rigidity for our hinges the opposite the first part, we just an edge provyazyvaya not remove Then go to our figure vyvyazyvayut second side of our loop we tied the two parts our vertical loop and we them must be connected
  • 06:27: into a single loop for that we translate them into one spokes are united on a needle loop at all We still working thread with one of the parts that we just knitted and you need it mounted on the wrong side work we simply
  • 06:57: Tear off and secure the wrong side order that it does not blossomed our main thread work we combine our one loop knitting in one piece provyazyvaem worker thread on the front side of the work so looks like our Knitting is a gum
  • 07:27: two by two you see we associate Knit one piece out now on knitting connect our next loop on the other hand picks connect face
  • 08:00: work our two provyazyvaem the following loop with other needles and go on our knitting we have combined our two part of the work in one united and we It was such a vertical petelechka for
  • 08:30: buttons it equivalent to our loop sample accurately the same for the height To further knit next petelechku We need knit a few ranks our drawings Our rubber and again make provyazat same loop
  • 09:00: the vertical sample well suitable for knitting thick of things and such loop good for long big buttons