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Knitting lessons spokes - an elastic way of closing of loops  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear girl yet seen it Welcome to the lesson and do the shaman and in this tutorial we'll look at flexible way to reduce losses are suitable for example for closing gum I use this method often when I need to close the canvas associated with it and is leasing January 1 what we do
  • 00:34: the first after she passed Akron Research we simply shooting next when we had the front so we do nokia to his spokes then we know eyebrows facial loop in it about him with the singer in nokia right Stets we stretch the last five years, we have
  • 01:04: sleep right through Natig then we introduce the first list of the first to recognize the right to meet stretches out remaining five Tokyo next we go wrong respectively nikita do for themselves forecast the wrong fuel break through the spokes of the left in nokia
  • 01:34: on the right spokes and stretch it through our tied seamy loop Vadim then Levanov Spitsin first loop on the right sleep 8 rubles the remaining loop The following criteria and deficit respectively, do laundry nokia taxi slotted loop in front of it is passed through the
  • 02:06: nokia or through the first loop it is important to understand their separate names they are just two together the next day found the usual We repeat do rely on the cloak themselves of them point we go from itself and they made the right decision the wrong fuel then check outside employment through nokia and the speed of the first loop the spokes
  • 02:37: like this next front respectively capes in Siberia that is thread to the ice himself the province develop a loop face and because of the Children's operations, he through Cyprus and disappeared into the top five Accordingly, the following known personally nokia for themselves Kim checked cops it will We dress them through nokia
  • 03:07: either through the top five thus we acted to the end face Pacquiao nokia self the so-called and outside it is very important to control For five today to to show you do not see enough free if you want to gum was extinguished
  • 03:38: respectively, were tightening now little extinguished if you want to gum was weak elasticity then tighten a little less than 5 years but naturally draw Beijing half a meter is not worth it especially does not help us nikita outside through the speed of the first loop Beijing what is wrong for themselves
  • 04:11: passing for the world recognized the start and carp through nikita I will not hide the first attempt that is, we should remind that if we all are by drawing the front line we do cape itself is a thread Tokyo itself if we go wrong he does what is under him
  • 04:41: ie thread fool us opposite direction this simple rule is easy to remember Noked's face to his Well, nothing complicated in principle, to mastic close edge patterns exist are many ways but you can do it with a needle
  • 05:11: but if we say it is capable of face to face but tools but only with the help of needles but this method is my favorite namespace name I use most often with this method adds to our nokia elasticity and closing five Of course it is important not to confuse
  • 05:46: nokia when doing to him when I do them under himself purl Tokyo push this kind of on the night front of Tokyo with her beloved imposing lecture will be These ill-fated from the notary himself
  • 06:16: copies digit face to fate develops in front wrong again and again above zero
  • 06:48: and the last we had what we Crowley Wink land wrong grandmother nokia tune itself and similarly, yahoo Yasin clipping hook
  • 07:22: outside the EU through our loop and tightened Look what we've got at the close of five years painting but rather in principle, it keeps the shape of the zigzag it runs quite well Of course if you only lie the elastic edge of the pressure is also desirable I do and sang Stich 0
  • 07:52: whereas the same fabric ends is a common set of on-screen and under closing pattern for example, if we close our cells nab sleeves Irina Pronina of why not is what we all wish you a pleasant hold I'll see you in the next lesson and yours truly Sasha 0