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Decoupage. Varnishing. Implantation of a napkin

Decoupage. Varnishing. Implantation of a napkin  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, we start third because Our games implantation print in a tree in this stage we deviate slightly from print to me
  • 00:30: and I do on the box revival wipes that made in previous games let remember little about that what we did in the previous steps we could implant listing wooden objects who were with tree structure It could also be put to work a whitish background and implanted in the printout him that it
  • 01:00: more vivid some girls Related doing so cook when revive to print a on white objects also looked nice but not quite on this game I want a wee bit stay on matters varnishing benefits in this case It can be used as a last in this way and matt if we I work with wood Tips for more luster to was visible large
  • 01:30: depth of use it is glossy varnish then this effect will look but much more interesting if you are in the same way will implant print on other items and for example will yul it light background some white then This naturally in case it will Moto was applied as a picture the object itself will not assume this gloss effect and depth as we We make the tree
  • 02:01: look after I poured print perego each of printouts in principle, it is here such a small whitish plaque after as they completely dry and you will cover This printout again or varnishes or simply rinse little water is belosost lost if not belosost lost it means that this or place you
  • 02:31: overdone in ads on dark background that is too a lot of paper and wiped actual Against this background, a there is no paper or on the contrary does not give Orley paper and then belososti remnants your favorite print to remove by roses in this case then We need a little more wet printout water and gradually try to roll her fingers to remove
  • 03:01: belosost if you too overdone and isolated piece of paper this is done by tinting wood the same paint as we initially coated Now let's marina proceed directly to lacquering and tidy whitish on my items for this I I take my riddle the era of the same varnish I before
  • 03:31: conducted implantation This printout and true synthetic brush I begin to cover this listing you see that almost immediately It aims to ease subject left and now we have
  • 04:05: I lurk boiling tree structure that was our you need only a tiny piece Now here was I have it still white not fully cleaned paper after nail completely I'm using dry skin slightly Sand and try to remove water via same way I I cover all other subjects varnish and leave him
  • 04:35: to dry in the final version you You will need to send in this lesson you will need to fully lock your already subject and it should be prepared as follows: stage photographing if you like this
  • 05:09: case at work little remains whitish border and here here you can see here at I was not about marina It was a piece then in the form of I was a little further on the already dried paw and paint on in a tone that tree which I have to all the rest caskets and actually I was a little zatoniruem her mistakes are We get into this the in my opinion
  • 05:57: like excitement printing and a marina it will give your the external work the kind that we We are trying to achieve and decoupage namely natural paintings we also try get making and decoupage creating a de facto simulation of this very paintings try varnishing work without drips streaks if any at you experience in time castling then later with time 2-3 layer
  • 06:27: lacquering you can withdraw their usual walking pass with sandpaper necessarily all corners of your work it was like Numbered and nowhere It was then the school's n such harvesting Tray happened at I still have about 5-7 I layers do not impose on you love because I opaque lacquer and harbor work
  • 06:57: good thick layer then this will enough it is desirable that you covered job at least five same varnish layers possible even longer to align full surface and in our up with you I get exactly lacquer miniature Now I tell a little excitement cloth that He promised to do Earlier this stage revival of napkins and in this game I want
  • 07:27: do here on this casket I want to make it very gentle to It was a match this line is we have swirls to revive the wipes for example, I took here such here two napkins and want show little a difference which will be at work when you start making Nope wipes different backgrounds and so previous game is not I told that
  • 07:58: implanting tissue usually taken napkin with a light background it is desirable to white on it purchased much bigger than Arnold I picked up for her just such a box Cup itself but also I want to note that the can, in principle, make statements and like ornaments ie no ornament can always be light background but at the same time be very profitable and will look peep
  • 08:29: If we divide the structure We live under the ornament at some such beige background night light yellow if we We try to implant this napkin here the dark background Of course, our tree structure is already on the subject is lost and will only namely the background cloth which Affix more detail if you want look update wipes can you do it under the link at the bottom this video I
  • 09:00: I put a link to this stage of the game where we We are doing brisk in details and now I will start to working with this subject to this I need a flat Synthetic brush and the same paws that I had I have and it covered work with and wipe light background implant tissue best way to then you immediately instantly leaves all white background and you You see what effect
  • 09:32: to obtain work but remember that in this the case of the varnish should It is not very thick enough diluted to so you can on the subject quickly and to pass the brush then under a napkin in have not formed bubbles to you completely soaked the napkin and so I I take our subject I put the napkin it and coat with her varnish thus
  • 10:02: you can see the result get here a similar effect when white background full leaves work we It remains only Figure napkins and the However peeps tree structure same way I fully analyzed all part of and the next stage I show that I get all good and your
  • 10:33: I look forward to working or forum