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Addition of a loop from a broach

Addition of a loop from a broach  See details »



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  • 00:00: dear needlewoman I today I want take you as is adding loops of broaches This addition to the English journals It is designated as m1 very easy and you to do so we have reached At some point where we need to add loops in one of the
  • 00:30: broach here please here this we put on a thread the spoke and from it we We cut out our new spades as you can see in the Hereinafter, site formation small hole to smooth the shortcoming we raised from broaching we loop twist vyvyazyvayut loop already
  • 01:00: of twisted such a broach and Then as you can see hole virtually no markedly at this location I repeat once again how This is done so we we reach the place where we need to add one loop of repeating in English journals is welcome It is designated as m1 But our broaching
  • 01:30: between the loops we raise it so as not to we were opening it twist so way and vyvyazyvayut new loop like this way we It added another loop show time we reach the place where must be added raise broach between the loops on needle and back and
  • 02:00: they do not even twisting right and lifted so as not to it was convenient to cut for the rear with the rear back in the loop Please here me already 2 Additions loop once again I want you show how it's done easy and if once see how it Do what you have to always remember this technique adding loops it is called
  • 02:30: the addition of loops broaches m1 here it is we broach between the loops lifted and back back on this raised formed loop so we add here way it is done as you can see very easy and most the main thing is not
  • 03:00: no holes in the knitting which is very convenient comfortable and beautiful Thank you for your looks Attention