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Oval carpet hook 9 ryadcrochet Oval Rug for beginners row 9  See details »

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  • 00:00: ninth series do coupling loop following the arch of three air 3 air loop 1 2 3 which will replace us 1 with a single column sc and now We make an initial popcorn that will we consist of 5 columns with one sc and so knit 4 column one sc in the arch 345 it turns 5
  • 00:36: bars only Now grab insert the hook the top of the first column is obtained 3 a third air loop smuggles loop it turns out that's a navel Now knit 4 aerial loops and knit as follows navel following arch 2 3 4 5 again insert
  • 01:10: the tip of the hook first column drags and 4 air loop so knit 13 more popcorn therebetween and knit at 4 air hinges
  • 01:41: then I'll show you how knit side submissive, and so tied 13 approaches and now side and popcorn knit and only popcorn between them at us four air and at air will 3 air and do knit just as well pop food out of 5 columns with one nakida April 3
  • 02:11: 5 and air and knit following the popcorn so you should Now knit together this this popcorn popcorn of 12 therebetween 3 air hinges tied 12 of popcorn
  • 02:44: therebetween 3 aerial loops and Now to rounding we have to cut 4 air loop is done in order that your mat is not worry because if you everywhere Knit 4 air It may be that lateral sides will you maths or if you knit
  • 03:16: knit all three air may be so that rounding will so pull on the sides we were binding of 3 air between submissive and on the rounding of 4 get here rounding in general It turns two times three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 45 over sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty-twenty of popcorn you have
  • 03:49: tie between them 4 air loop will continue to knit and side popcorn and between three air so knit to end of row dovyazali until the end done coupling loop and that's what you should turn out like this will look like your mat after you bind 9 rows