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  • 00:00: hello my expensive decorators cakes today we you learn to do crooked tiered cake Here we mark this line, we have divided it 2 parts and but then again
  • 00:32: I draw your attention very carefully any in no case be divide the cake more than than three parts visually divide by 3 parts and we have to cut only a third if there will be more then your cake ultimately may fall my 5's rented this remaining cream
  • 01:02: we now have the top that acted sloping tiers
  • 01:49: always I recommend Slinky begin with that region who more in pieces on a cart Here's this size up somewhere here this time they must all be fold draw this
  • 03:14: drawing directly on the cake then we draw mustache eyes Crimea Here is such a
  • 03:55: Dragonfly you here small flowers fill the space that diluted with a little large flowers We begin to build we stand ready not take tier there is also need
  • 04:26: do everything very otherwise the right cake may simply fall take somewhere here such a piece of mastic highly good 1 lower stand diameter 16 cm we are at the top or tea hole where we We put our sticks