Galina Chernuhina

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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear friends today we are with we'll make you so cute butterfly with your own hands from fojmirana is not present nothing is easier and it is more interesting to work with you wounds he is very light material with it work one pleasure for making it wonderful butterfly to us will require fauamiran the right color i
  • 00:30: used white foyamyrin cut out on the Internet found a ready-made template cut out or propagate it print as did this I cut out on fomirane 2 billets of the same size one piece leave without changes in the second do we make any notch decoration on your discretion is that wish then color and also
  • 01:03: at its own discretion We are left with paste it on antennae and paste already ready butterfly on let's give a thumbs-up let us proceed now begin to collect our butterfly for we will glue antennae we apply slightly player we glue the
  • 01:38: network now we glue it on again glue and glue the second butterfly on top of this the way we press it Now we have stick a stick on the back side we put on the zakolochku slightly glue give a little time
  • 02:10: to cool down farmer down returned to did not shrink and glued so manner You can leave so you can close thus applying glue
  • 02:45: and cover our zakolochku all the butterfly we have almost ready and not almost ready for us remains now only a little bit and
  • 03:15: do exactly so that we have it three-dimensional for this we are wings this way and we compress one half straight can be pressed you can even use your finger equate another piece but we had more voluminous such two butterflies nice with us Have turned out and if you liked the video subscribe to my
  • 03:45: channel because in future go out a lot interesting master classes to all until and until the new meetings