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  • 00:00: thanks to our we do not just hear sounds to 4 people can get rid of many atoms can not how to do it will tell radiator sensors means that there is a police ears but how ears help karate treat other diseases week of good thing is that night located inflation zones of the whole body human there is such a system we may soon find on the head and
  • 00:31: the spine hands but also participate in any era training and at the same time learned the projection of individual organs after 2 uh, they are very similar to the kidneys husband treat kidney disease Cheremushek so that it acts as the signal to even in the West the nearest assistant found a mistake so it turned out for sale spring Danish spark suppose there the problem but headache
  • 01:01: so the pick line brain we gave b as we would all find painful point our sorrows and point directly above the same massaging who would immediately tell Yuri Sandalov very well so long as the percentage was up to As long as the head of each year Department of education Data in this case I need a little bit sacrifice fly formed by the same program requesting an ax if we assume a higher but east we just find the name of Mr. matching neck
  • 01:31: also find whether someone point poverty and Romania but Vitaly reason deprived mounds but the fact is that we do not even massage but we will not be added as if it for general revitalizing to massage Yeah but sinks In this case, we kg demonstrate this when preventive health sales procedures and shoes up to size masseur Ankara's use this technique inside a common filling writing tons of it the same thing that takes time
  • 02:01: And so that's one of John when it is better to do in the morning and night we it it is good but during the day we woke up not yet hide and how would you go to the shuffling bonfires but l I would like to believe that we have it but this kid ca. and when we think we are improving Capricorn the state of the endocrine system the internal structures of the brain and chronic disease teachings even on an efficient and massage mower at We have gymnastics take ear
  • 02:33: telematics test course and gently Investkafe pomegranate did in childhood love exhibited at meeting the explosion of whiteness request Yes it is very useful for us and for the movement four new four more tornadoes over the increase of the prices and tell compositions It can also be and now I'm done I'm aching joints how you can help but of course these people we can treat over bad well, yet you can have thousands spiral gymnastics
  • 03:03: Svetlana like faeces I seem to want to write one kind of spiral gymnastics harmonizing incentives it is very easy to remember because it will be only 4, motion movement of this plant alternation tensile wishing movement turns to summer and to the right start left upper transition spiral spend with him then it was underestimated and at the top right only four simple exercises repeated for those that will be trains but every year it
  • 03:34: this exercise for this exercise of our for aid for the spine 10 It includes those hip horsemeat ankle three key points when we We monitor the food that goes back a lesson let's head to the left to the right hand It is switched on and but having studied this by learning this exercise remembering about can be done by individual Jehovah's portion is the subject of human cervical osteoarthritis fed white movement at the level of head 6 but Sobyanin his top price
  • 04:06: right below the lower tried sweet min to find out if the example concerned both externally and on page but the disease there any problems shame femoral knee joints lumbar is doing at pelvis same turns on the knee and hip joints traveling 100 km and only after a long time it is necessary to do extraordinary morning doing in general complex at a decision on the level and from the start pick up and replace the part in the end it
  • 04:37: it takes a little bit more than a minute and If the selection is already as external time century already found as confirmed by the newspaper today but I think that the fourth day we get better and the amplitude will gradually and increase in movement with pillars has stopped